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  1. Example News thread
  2. [NA Mabi] Easter Egg Eggscavation!
  3. [NA Mabi] New Shadow Missions on the Horizon
  4. [NA Mabi] For Kaspersky Anti-Virus Users
  5. [NA Mabi] Update Schedule(4/7/2010)
  6. [NA Mabi] Four New Cash Shop Items
  7. [NA Mabi] Mabinogi Alchemist Features Update
  8. Saturday Surprise! Event Rebirth Card
  9. [NA Mabi] Announcing the Style Studio!
  10. [Attention] Temporary mail delivery problems with Hotmail(MSN)
  11. [NA Mabi] Rules for posting Official News
  12. [Maintenance] 14/04/2010 06:00-07:00 AM (GMT+2)
  13. [NA Mabi] Routine Server Maintenance (4/14/2010)
  14. [NA Mabi] See the Blossom Event
  15. Use Event Rebirth Card and receive Dye Ample from NPC
  17. [Announcement] Clarify the Event Rebirth Card
  18. [NA Mabi] Fashion Gachapon are Back to Normal
  19. [Announcement] Letter Collection Event resumed
  20. [NA Mabi] Nexon Game Cards Available on College Campuses
  21. [NA Mabi] Maintenance Schedule (4/21/2010)
  22. [Maintenance] 21/04/2010 03:00-06:30 AM (GMT+2)
  23. [NA Mabi] The Nexon Games Treasure Hunt
  24. [NA Mabi] Issue Fixes (4/21)
  25. [NA Mabi] Nexon Admits their forums are bad
  26. [NA Mabi] Network Maintenance (4/27/2010)
  27. [NA Mabi] Exploration Gachapon Update
  28. [NA Mabi] Earn 135 NX! When you like Section7 on Facebook
  29. [NA Mabi] Advent of the goddess completion event winners
  30. [NA Mabi] Update & Network Maintenance Schedule (5/4/2010)
  31. [NA Mabi] Upcoming Dungeon Collection Event
  32. [NA Mabi] [Ruairi] Castle Dungeon Issue Fixed
  33. [NA Mabi] Unrestricted Dungeon Pass and Chat Color Change Potion
  34. [NA Mabi] They're a HOOT! Owl pets are here!
  35. [NA Mabi] Wear an Owl Robe for a Hooting Good Time!
  36. [NA Mabi] A Bouquet for Mom, FREE NX for You!
  37. [NA Mabi] Erinn Weekly, May 7, 2010
  38. [NA Mabi] [Press Release] G10 "Goddess of Light" Confirmed on June 9th, 2010
  39. [NA Mabi] The Goddess of Light is Near!
  40. [NA Mabi] Network Maintenance Schedule (5/11/2010)
  41. [NA Mabi] Welcome to Tara!
  42. [NA Mabi] Welcome to Tara
  43. [NA Mabi] Leave your mark on Erinn! (Contest)
  44. [NA Mabi] Login Difficulties
  45. [NA Mabi] Erinn Weekly, May 14, 2010
  46. [NA Mabi] Under Eweca’s Pale Luster, Wolves Grow
  47. [NA Mabi] Login Server Maintenance
  48. [NA Mabi] Server Maintenance (5/18/2010)
  49. [NA Mabi] Mini pets
  50. [NA Mabi] Production Gachapon Update - Includes PERMANENT Maid Skeleton Mini Pet!
  51. [NA Mabi] Owl Robe and Eagle Owl Packages!
  52. [NA Mabi] Goddess of Light New Skills Preview
  53. Your story in Mabinogi
  54. [NA Mabi] *Updated* Server Maintenance (5/25/2010)
  55. [NA Mabi] *Updated* Server Maintenance (5/25/2010)
  56. [NA Mabi] The Premium Service Special Sale!
  57. [NA Mabi] Wine Making Preview
  58. [NA Mabi] Unscheduled Maintenance (5/26/2010)
  59. [NA Mabi] Unscheduled Maintenance (5/27/2010)
  60. [NA Mabi] Internal Maintenance (5/28/2010)
  61. [NA Mabi] Erinn Weekly, May 28, 2010
  62. [NA Mabi] Jousting Tournament Preview
  63. [NA Mabi] Temporary Login Maintenance
  64. [NA Mabi] (Update) Unscheduled Maintenance (5/29/2010)
  65. [NA Mabi] Server Stability Issue
  66. [NA Mabi] Maintenance and Patch Update (5/29/2010)
  67. [NA Mabi] Auction House Preview
  68. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (6/1/2010)
  69. [NA Mabi] The Desert Dragon's Wrath!
  70. [NA Mabi] [Titleless] Fashion Contest
  71. [NA Mabi] Erinn Weekly -- June 4, 2010
  72. [NA Mabi] Goddess of Light Scheduled Update (6/8/2010)
  73. [NA Mabi] Celebrate the Tara Festival!
  74. [NA Mabi] Limited-Time ALCHEMIST Gachapon!
  75. [NA Mabi] Arabian Nights come to Mabinogi!
  76. [NA Mabi] Magic Carpet Super Sale! Buy one, get one 50% off!
  77. [NA Mabi] Unscheduled Maintenance (06/12/2010)
  78. [NA Mabi] Buy Nexon Cash with your MOBILE PHONE (Oh God.)
  79. [NA Mabi] Maintenance Schedule (06/16/2010)
  80. [NA Mabi] Father’s Day Fiesta!
  81. [NA Mabi] Compensation for Server Issues on 5/29 ~ 5/31
  82. [NA Mabi] Unscheduled Server Maintenance (6/21/2010)
  83. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (6/22/2010)
  84. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (6/25/2010)
  85. [NA Mabi] 4th of July Fireworks Extravaganza!
  86. [NA Mabi] Alchemist Gachapon - Time is running out!
  87. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (6/29/2010)
  88. [NA Mabi] 4th of July Premium Service Sale!
  89. [NA Mabi] No Title
  90. [NA Vindi] Beta Signup Open
  91. [NA Mabi] Get Iced on the Beaches of Erinn! Capture the Flag!
  92. [NA Mabi] Unscheduled Maintenance (07/05/10)
  93. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Update (7/7/2010)
  94. [NA Mabi] Get Your Body in Some Stylish Beach Wear!
  95. [NA Mabi] A Seal of Approval!
  96. [NA Mabi] Juice Your Combat Prowess!
  97. [NA Mabi] Soldier Gachapon Update: Get Muramasas, Crystal Swords, and… Teddy Bears?
  98. [NA Mabi] The Tara Festival Is BACK! Free Tara Waxen Wings!
  99. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (7/9/2010)
  100. [NA Mabi] Project RM
  101. [Note] Fashion Goggles issue of the Dream of Imp event
  102. [Maintenance] 14/07/2010 04:00-05:00 AM (GMT+2)
  103. [Winners] Cheer for Football Event
  104. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (7/13/2010)
  105. [News] Eurogamer Review
  106. [NA Mabi] Treasure Chest Event is coming back... with all new prizes and treasure!
  107. [NA Mabi] Dunbarton Adventurer's Association, July 16, 2010
  108. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (7/20/2010)
  109. [NA Vindi] Nexon in the News
  110. [NA Vindi] Vindictus Demo Playable at Comic-Con
  111. (Completed) [Maintenance] 21/07/2010 04:00-08:00 AM (GMT+2)
  112. [NA Mabi] *Updated* Scheduled Maintenance (7/20/2010)
  113. [NA Mabi] Giddy’up! Color-Selectable Horses are here!
  114. [NA Mabi] Ship Off in a Sailor Costume!
  115. [NA Mabi] White Seal (with Mini Pet) and Black Seal Package Sale
  116. [NA Mabi] Behold the sword of the Gods
  117. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (7/27/2010)
  118. [NA Mabi] Bundle Gachapon Sale
  119. [NA Mabi] Journal - Show Your Achievements!
  120. [NA Mabi] Shadow Heroes: Report!
  121. [NA Mabi] Erinn Weekly -- July 30, 2010
  122. [NA Mabi] Nexon in the News
  123. [NA Mabi] Dragon Boat Racing Returns August 4th!
  124. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (8/3/2010) [Extended]
  125. [NA Vindi] Countdown to Closed Beta.
  126. [NA Mabi] Griffin Preview
  127. [NA Mabi] Erinn Weekly -- August 6, 2010
  128. [NA Mabi] Library Play -- Discover Hidden Treasures!
  129. [NA Mabi] Sword of the Gods Scheduled Update (8/10/2010)
  130. [NA Mabi] Great Gachapon Giveaway
  131. [NA Mabi] Griffin Pets: No Longer a Myth!
  132. [NA Vindi] Regarding Age Restriction Notice
  133. [NA Mabi] Social Resident Race
  134. [NA Vindi] Beta Week 1 Progress Report
  135. [NA Mabi] Erinn Weekly -- August 13, 2010
  136. [NA Mabi] It's a Rainbow for Fixed Dye Colors!
  137. [NA Mabi] Tackle Sword of the Gods with Style!
  138. [NA Vindi] The Vindictus Closed Beta ends Tuesday, August 24
  139. [NA Vindi] Thanks and See You in the Next Beta Phase
  140. [NA Mabi] Ancient Treasure Chest Event
  141. [NA Mabi] Mabinogi Soundtrack now available on iTunes!
  142. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (8/31/2010)
  143. [NA Mabi] Double Exp Event Weekends in September!
  144. [NA Vindi] [BLOG]Seoul Man – Vindictus team visits devCat Studio
  145. [NA Mabi] Upcoming Messenger Friend List!
  146. [NA Mabi] Mabinogi International Design Contest!
  147. [NA Mabi] The Zombie Attack Event Returns September 8th!
  148. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Game Update - (9/7/2010)
  149. [NA Mabi] Get an All-new Imp Pet Today!
  150. [NA Mabi] Wanted: Guild Members!
  151. [NA Mabi] September Back to School Events!
  152. [NA Mabi] Accessorize with Exploration Gachapon!
  153. [NA Vindi] Early Access Beta Opens September 15!
  154. [NA Mabi] International Costume Design Contest has begun!
  155. [NA Mabi] Unscheduled Maintenance (9/10/2010)
  156. [NA Mabi] Mabinogi Now Available on DVD!
  157. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (9/14/2010)
  158. [NA Vindi] Enjoy Vindictus with a low spec PC!
  159. [NA Vindi] Passion! Power! Persistence! The Vindictus Early Access Events
  160. [NA Vindi] Unscheduled Server Maintenance - 09.16.10
  161. [NA Vindi] Unscheduled Server Maintenance - 09.16.10
  162. [NA Vindi] Unscheduled Maintenance- 9/17/10
  163. [NA Vindi] Unscheduled Maintenance - 09.17.2010
  164. [NA Vindi] Unscheduled Server Maintenance - 09.19.10
  165. [NA Vindi] Vindictus v1.05 Update
  166. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (9/21/2010)
  167. [NA Vindi] Scheduled Maintenance - 09/21/10
  168. [NA Mabi] Wonders Await You in the All-new Mystery Box!
  169. [NA Mabi] New Fishing Event Unveiled!
  170. [NA Mabi] Change is coming. Are you ready?
  171. [NA Mabi] Change is coming. Are you ready?
  172. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (9/29/2010)
  173. [NA Vindi] Open Beta Begins October 13!
  174. [NA Mabi] A New Day For Giants!
  175. [NA Vindi] "Savage Ring" Screenshot Contest (10/1-10/6)
  176. [NA Mabi] Unscheduled Maintenance (10/4/2010)
  177. [NA Mabi] The Abilities of Morrighan
  178. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (10/5/2010)
  179. [NA Mabi] Unscheduled Maintenance (10/06/2010)
  180. [NA Mabi] Production Gachapon Get you What you Need!
  181. [NA Mabi] Return of the Hero Erinn Walker is Now Out
  182. [NA Mabi] The Tower Cylinder
  183. [NA Mabi] The Family System!
  184. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (10/12/2010)
  185. [NX] Nexon Invests in Spanish Developer
  186. [NA Vindi] Vindictus End of Early Access Beta Contest! (10/08 - 10/13)
  187. [NA Vindi] A Note about Open Beta Launch (10/12)
  188. [NA Mabi] Major Credit Cards Now Accepted in Mabinogi!
  189. [NA Mabi] Trick or Treat? Why not both?
  190. [NA Mabi] Get a Vindictus Guardian Spider!
  191. [NA Vindi] Vindictus v1.06 Update
  192. [NA Vindi] Get an in-game Gnoll Chieftain Hood during Open Beta!
  193. [NA Vindi] Celebrate the Opening of the Avatar Shop and the Supply Depot with Special Offers!
  194. [NA Vindi] Open Beta is Live!
  195. [NA Mabi] Crash Shot and Chain Cylinder!
  196. [NA Vindi] Unscheduled Maintenance - 10.14.2010
  197. [NA Vindi] "Savage Ring" Screenshot Contest Winners!
  198. [NA Vindi] Unscheduled Maintenance - 10.14.2010
  199. [NA Mabi] Return of the Hero: Giant Renewal Video
  200. [NA Mabi] Ghosts haunt and pumpkins fall! Halloween events to come...
  201. [NA Vindi] End of Early Access Beta Contest Winners!
  202. [NA Mabi] Return of the Hero Scheduled Update (10/19/2010)
  203. [Patch] Return of the Hero update G12
  204. [NA Vindi] Scheduled Maintenance - 10/19/10
  205. [NA Mabi] Return of the Hero: Mysteries of Erinn
  206. [NA Mabi] 50% off Giant Basic and Premium Character Cards!
  207. [NA Mabi] Level up, Giants!
  208. [NA Vindi] Fall Fear Festival Begins 10/20/10
  209. [NA Vindi] Evie Arrives on October 27, 2010!
  210. [NA Mabi] Scare up some fun with Magician Cards and a Little Ghost Pet!
  211. [NA Vindi] Regarding the Token Change
  212. [NA Mabi] Return of the Hero Update Issues
  213. [NA Mabi] Mabinogi Premium Service Sale!
  214. [NA Mabi] Unscheduled maintenance on Mabinogi servers on Wednesday, October 20th
  215. [NA Vindi] Creepy Costume Contest!
  216. [NA Vindi] Token System
  217. [NA Vindi] Shopping Guide
  218. [NA Vindi] Clarification on Vindictus Tokens
  219. Vindictus Real Life Meet Up: Token System
  220. [NA Vindi] GameSpot reports on Evie!
  221. [NA Vindi] Update Regarding Disappearing Gold Issue
  222. [NA Vindi] East Coast Server Unavailable
  223. [NA Vindi] Please mind your posts on this forum
  224. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (10/26/2010)
  225. [NA Vindi] Scheduled Maintenance - 10.26.10
  226. [EU Mabi] Happy Halloween Event
  227. [NA Vindi] Changes to the Vindictus Token System
  228. [NA Vindi] Introducing Evie
  229. [NA Vindi] Version 1.08 Update - 'Season of the Witch'
  230. [EU Mabi] [Winners] G12 Countdown Fireworks Event
  231. [NA Vindi] Thank You, Beta Testers!
  232. [NA Mabi] Social Resident Race Celebration Weekend!
  233. [NA Vindi] Mercenary Post -- October 29, 2010
  234. [NA Vindi] Celebrate Halloween in Vindictus with Free Boat Ride Events!
  235. [NA Vindi] Evie's Scythe
  236. [NA Mabi] Server issues, Website issues, Oh my!
  237. [NA Vindi] Scheduled Server Maintenence - 11.02.10
  238. [NA Vindi] [EVENT] To Scythe or not to Scythe
  239. [NA Mabi] Scheduled Maintenance (11/2/2010)
  240. [NA Vindi] Fall Fear Festival Ending Soon
  241. Halloween costume screenshot event
  242. [NX] NX now available through AT&T phones
  243. [NA Vindi] Introducing Battle Scythe Evy
  244. [NA Mabi] International Costume Design North America Regional Qualifiers (Image Heavy)
  245. [NA Vindi] Version 1.09 Update - 'Crimson Tokens and Battle Scythe'
  246. [NA Vindi] Recruit your team for our Guild Masters Token Event
  247. [NA Vindi] Election Season in Vindictus
  248. [NA Vindi] Gallagher's Campaign Speech
  249. [NA Mabi] Mabinogi International Costume Design (Grand Finalist)
  250. [NA Vindi] Ferghus's Campaign Speech