Succubus Outfit Limited Time Sale!

      Greetings, lady mercenaries!

      It’s time to ramp up your seductiveness factor with the new Succubus Outfit and Succubus Wings, available in the Supply Depot for Evie and Fiona from July 25th through July 31st.Go ahead, buy the full set and seduce your enemies until they’re eating out of the palm of your hand. Then when the moment’s right, strike them down.

      Not sure you want the entire set? You can purchase the pieces individually, too. Just head to the Supply Depot, pick out the items you’d like, and then select “Buy All.”

      The Succubus items are only available for a limited time, so if you want to make jaws drop and heads turn, hop into the Supply Depot to get yours before July 31st!


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      1. <span style='color: #41947e'>Timotei</span>'s Avatar
      1. Niuu's Avatar
        Lol look like nexon is in need of more money.
      1. Conor's Avatar
        wow. they would.
      1. Oizen's Avatar
        I'm honestly shocked they dont sell those +11-+15 boxes more regularly.

        This is kinda ridiculous, I know theres nothing of value in the cash shop but still.
      1. Invertex's Avatar
        They also recycled some old fashion items and shoved it into a temporary 1 week Gacha.

        I'm not very suprised. They're not going to have a proper update until Ignition/S2, which only came out recently in KR. So we're likely just going to have a bunch of NX only events/gachas until they finally update us with S2. Which will probably be half a year or so.

        Partially dissapointed, as I remember that the Succubus Hat was supposed to be from Boat 8 Hero mode, which would've been pretty fun.
      1. Aryiane's Avatar
        I'm really shocked that they actually put the succubus set for sale. They must be in desperate need of money with all of these 'limited time' offers. The black wings, the Kai items and now this. I might be able to fork out $10 for that top and skirt...
      1. BizarreJuju's Avatar
        Its all about the people making money over the summer, they want that summer job money before school starts o3o

        Then release big updates on test, semi-final, and finals day to get people distracted from school work...
      1. MareneCorp's Avatar
        LOL you're kidding me. SMH, good try Nexon.
      1. Kazuni's Avatar
        hnnggg I want that though
        too bad I had another 20k stolen the other day

      1. Mentosftw's Avatar
        I don't play vindi but WOW.

        40 dollars.

        GG Nexon.
      1. Brynn's Avatar
        I pitty the foo' who buys the set thinking wings are included.
      1. Oizen's Avatar
        Quote Originally Posted by Akemii View Post
        I pitty the foo' who buys the set thinking wings are included.
        I dont get why Vindi values wings so highly.

        They look horrible on everyone.

        Lann, Karok, and Kai have to wear no shirt, and they look droopy on them.

        Fiona and Evie get the world's ugliest corset when wearing them.
      1. Chiyosuke's Avatar
        Oh Vindictus, I had such high hopes that you wouldn't end up like your big brother Mabinogi (In the money grubbing area)
        I am disappointed.
      1. Aikuna's Avatar
        Yeowch, $20 just for wings? $40 for a set? That's crazy. o.x