Notice] Web Launch Service Ending

    Dear Players,
    Mabinogi will be transitioning away from web launch (play button) functionality, and moving to the Nexon Launcher in August. The Nexon Launcher is our new streamlined approach for installing, updating and playing all of your favorite Nexon Games, including Mabinogi. With this change, we will be eliminating many of the technical issues that arose from web launch, providing for a smoother gaming experience for everyone. If you already have Mabinogi installed, you will be able to launch via the Mabinogi.exe. If you would like to transition to Nexon Launcher, simply install the launcher and select Mabinogi from the game library to begin downloading and installing the game.

    -The Mabinogi Team-
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    1. Osayidan's Avatar
      Did anyone ever use this? In it's existence I don't think I clicked it a single time.
    1. Eos's Avatar
      The stupid webnubs who never knew there was another way.
    1. Kingofrunes's Avatar
      About time they decided to get rid of it. I never did like the whole Web Launch thing. It's bad enough that Maplestory 2 requires you to use it.
    1. Yai's Avatar
      YES. Finally Nexon Game Manager will be gone. Shouldn't need to install that when launching games directly.

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