Conversation Between Okami and Yoorah

  1. Okami
    Luckily, I pretty much avoid any and all alcohol. :P
  2. Yoorah
    Don't get drunk on the job!!
  3. Okami
    Beer! .... I dunno what all yet :( lol
  4. Yoorah
    What are you gonna be brewing? !
  5. Okami
    Haha, personally I think I would be a little pissed and jealous as well but that's just me! :P Definitely not fair to automatically assume things though, especially because you're supposed to trust the other. D8 I would like a mini-vacation before starting work, but it's not going to happen :(

    aWWWWWWW don't tell me that! I hope it's not a sales person position like in yours, haha. From what he told me, I'll be doing a bit of everything their company has to offer until they find the niche I fit into. They do a lot of different work apparently - everything from brewery and process systems to forensic work. We'll see though :P
  6. Yoorah
    Just vacation. A friend of mine is dragging me along. It's pretty funny because her bf was apparently super pissed when she told him she's planning on going to Japan with me. I mean, why automatically assume that we're gonna do bad things while there? LOL :(

    Where I work, SEs are basically sales people. :p I don't think that's a common usage of the title in most companies, though.
  7. Okami
    Woah! Are you going for your job or just vacation? Whatever the case is, that's awesome! I hope you have a great time and a safe trip :) And of course, I should be able to tell you more then. I do know my job title is Systems Engineer... xD It's a few hours away from me so I'm moving and getting my own apartment. Kind of scary, but very excited :)
  8. Yoorah
    Sweet! I'm really excited for you. :D Tell me about the details after I return from Japan around mid-June. xP
  9. Okami
    Actually, I've had wonderful luck with job stuff. I have a full-time job lined up and I'll be starting June 1st. It's with an IT company; however I'm not exactly sure what I'll be doing yet. :P
  10. Yoorah
    Wouldn't know the details, but I'd say that's a safe bet!

    Any luck with job stuff?
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