Conversation Between Osayidan and Brynn

  1. Brynn
    Sabo is cool. But I think Law is chill af. His ability is unique even amongst all the other devil fruit eaters. I actually like Doflamingo and his aesthetic/power. Didn't think he'd be so versatile.
  2. Brynn
    Placing request to change Yoorah's photography title from noob to sick/sickening
  3. Osayidan
    Can't decide between Zorro or Sabo. Used to be Zorro until they finally introduced Sabo.
  4. Brynn
    Osay who's ur favorite OP char
  5. Osayidan
    Not really, those ones are already configured. They might not scale properly if we randomly star changing the graphics.
  6. Brynn
    Why you no reply Osay?
  7. Brynn
    Possible to make the Who's the POkemon pets also move?
  8. Brynn
  9. Brynn
    web site guy
  10. Brynn

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