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  1. Compass
  2. Compass
    Sup bro, so my friend and I were wondering if we can get a more exploitable forum engine.
    We just discovered we can rename (our own) threads and try to lock our own threads (but nothing happens) and I'm pretty sure you know this.

    So yeah....what about anarchy, eh?
  3. Osayidan
    It should be backward compatible as far as I know. Do a bios upgrade too just to be sure.
  4. Compass
    Osay, I have a question.
    So I noticed a flaw when I was building my computer and was wondering if PCI Express 2.1 cards can work with motherboards that have PCI Express 2.0 slots? I'm trying to find all over newegg a motherboard that has a PCI Express 2.1 slot but can't find any ):
  5. Compass
    It was to buy something on Steam since I'm under a proxy and in a foreign country at the moment but the sale is about to end.
    Thanks for replying though.
  6. Osayidan
    I don't, but if you find some guides for playing mabi from foreign countries it might point you to some.
  7. Compass
    Osay do you know any american proxy?
    By american I mean proxies that get recognized as if they're located in the US
  8. Compass
    You're the best, bro! :3
  9. Osayidan
    It's fine. I don't care if people use proxies unless it's to avoid bans.
  10. Compass
    Hey Osay, I was wondering if it's okay for me to be here?
    I'm currently using a proxy to access websites since if you saw from my last few posts I'm in another country.
    The ISP I have here is very strict on sites and there's no way I can access nation without a proxy.
    So there's my dilemma.
    So can I stay? Also I'm here till the 17th.
    (Y/N) ?
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