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  1. Osayidan
    Interesting IP addresses :|
  2. Yoorah

  3. Yoorah
    Yea, it's SPF related.
  4. Osayidan
    What notices is that for? There isn't any authentication since it's just a php mail function thing vbulletin uses. Don't even have a mail server.
    Though I did notice a bad spf record so I fixed that \o/
  5. Yoorah
    Email notifications appear to be sent with misconfigured authentication settings:
    X-AUTH-Result: FAIL
    X-SID-Result: FAIL
    ...which results in said email being put in the junk mail folder. xd
  6. Yoorah
    It was probably cancelled because focusing just on SAN might not be a good idea. SAN used to be a huge deal but now it's just one of the applications that run on virtualized data centres. Focusing on virtualization and data centre architecture in general is probably a better idea. Perhaps you should check out the DC certification track.

    You can do CCNA for fun, tbh. Yeah, you need to study for it, as there are probably lots specifics in there that you need to know for the exams, but they're pretty much all common sense things that are really easy to learn once you've seen them. CCNP does require some serious effort, though.
  7. Osayidan
    I was somewhat interested in the storage networking one but they cancelled it a year or 2 ago. Now not much of the cisco certs interest me at all except maybe a basic CCNA just to have that on my resume more than anything.
  8. Yoorah
    SP. Here's what the suggested reading looks like:
    Fun stuff.
  9. Osayidan
    We'll just put your remaining free time in this box here and throw it off a bridge.
    which category are you doing?
  10. Yoorah
    They're making me get CCIE certified. D8
    RIP Yoorah.
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