Conversation Between TrainAurion and xXCronoXx

  1. xXCronoXx
    Good to see your alive and well lol Loiking the Aalchemist Aces?
  2. TrainAurion
    of course~
  3. xXCronoXx
    o-o U still Play o-o?
  4. xXCronoXx
    Both My Previous Acc Got Hacked :( So U can call me Iru
  5. TrainAurion
    crono or iru???
  6. xXCronoXx
    Pretty Good My Wm is kicking Butt now so a few months ill be 1k
  7. TrainAurion
    heya man :3 how are you~
  8. xXCronoXx
    Sup Train Its Crono :O
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