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  1. wildk
    Still not sure whether to go for guns or melee, it's a hard decision for some reason :P

    Then again, with the new skills, looks like I won't be done with investing in alchemy for quite some time X.X
  2. TrainAurion
    that alchemy shield sorta makes me wish i were giant, mailny cause i love the lances in mabi xD also cause i will use guns too. Good though, we're wind alchemists for life! we need a group or logo or something xD and yea thats why im going gunner/alch. We also knew that frozen blast was affected by CP we just aren't 100% sure as to how
  3. wildk
    owo, just realised wiki had something similar on freezing success rates all along

    Quote: Freezing rate is based purely on the rank of Frozen Blast and the target's Combat Power.

    The maximum effective freezing rate appears to be 90%.
    Enemies with 10,000 or higher Combat Power cannot be frozen.

    XD yeah, I get what you mean. My main damage comes from water alchemy but I use frozen blast (and more and more often wind now) so much that I assign myself to the wind alchemist division.

    I originally hoped for the hero to be full alchemist + guns, but turns out it's full alch + warrior, which is sad because I'd prefer alch + gun combination. Both are great multi aggro controlling tools with alchemy being more of a supportive role and guns more of a offensive role. Since guns don't stun, and alch doesn't deal high damage, the both complement each other perfectly without compromising each other's advantages. Looking forward to it :D
  4. TrainAurion
    lol i see, i can try that out later but im too lazy to do a full on test. However my main dmg still comes from alchemy as well. admittedly fire alchemy ._. ... But i use wind so much more often due to its versatility so i still proclaim myself a wind alchemist. atm im working on str and int for guns though, since i have a good feeling from videos about its utility and versatility with alchemy in general.
  5. wildk
    e.e Haven't played long enough to have that much ap to spend in other skill sets yet so I'm still mainly dealing damage within alchemy, can't do much cross set attacks. Most likely main reason I don't use wind blast that much, but now you reminded me, I can use it up to set up Heat Buster >:3

    And yes, I made the chart myself, just something I noticed while spamming frozen blast here and there. I'm trigger happy :D Not sure how to do a standard, complete, accurate test though :P
  6. TrainAurion
    Wind blast has many uses, not only to control multi aggro which is why its my favorite skill, but also the fact that it's wind alchemy. Wind blast can be used with a hurricane to gain distance for range/magic, positioning enemies to far places, getting them in a friend's AOE, having fun seeing other players fly, setting up barriers or other alchemy skills, even to help a friend being mobbed with its quick load time and as of current using it 3 times gives you a cooldown, however sometimes i use wind blast to activate heat buster. With another type of cylinder, the shorter range allows you to use it with lance charge, so if a mob of enemies are directly behind the said target, you can wind blast them and lance charge them all, you can also use it as i said earlier as a quick set up to heat buster. if the enemy is near a wall too, you can use Assault slash and begin a melee combo.

    thats an interesting chart, where did you get it from? or did you make it up yourself? personally i felt the success rate was more dependant on the the cp of the mob compared to yours. however your method is completely testable. i'd rather wait til we dont need to make frozen blast crystals to test it though...
  7. wildk
    Oh, btw, this may not be entirely right but I find it to be a good reference, frozen blast's success rate is (100 - (enemy cp / 100))% and capped at 90% as wiki says, ie.:

    1k cp or less : 90%
    2k cp: 80%
    5k cp: 50%
    7k cp: 30%
    10k cp or more: impossible to freeze

    See what you think about it

    Edit: sry, messed up a digit there. Wrote 10k instead of 1k
  8. wildk
    XD I often use it for precise positioning and fling monsters into other teammate's AOE, but sounds like it's good for multi-aggro control too o: doesn't it get "overheat" soon?
  9. TrainAurion
    haha yea too bad it doesn't though. the insta load is nice but im going to miss spamming it 3 times in a row when im mobbed by 2 or 3 monsters lol
  10. wildk
    o.o that's a really good idea actually. Like blow away All enemies around you instead of just one.
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