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  1. Chaos'
    blacksmithing at r5. that nasty dustin req and the low as success rate suks!! check my guides, i think i made a page about seal usage?

    I see it like this. Enchant -> Training Potions ; Handicraft -> easy with an exp 10 ; Smithing -> Hardest still ... @-@
  2. Ardmona
    I've got five 50% Skill training seals left and Enchant/Blacksmithing/Handicraft to go. What skills do you think require it the most? I'm assuming Blacksmithing. What ranks do you think I should use them on? Keep in mind I should have a Exp 10 for both Blacksmithing/Handicraft. Sorry for bugging you so much. :P
  3. Chaos'
    Druid accessory increase the value by 1.5x of the base training value

    so if great success is 3 points, with the accessory its 4.5 points each. basically its an exp 5 Enchant reforge.
    Talent give u 2x training so two training counts for 1 usage.

    [meaning if u got both u'll get 9 points for every great success]
  4. Ardmona
    Ah okay. I'm a little confused by the druid acc, is it additive to the magic talent, IE: 2x+1.5% = 3.5x exp?
  5. Chaos'
    for Enchant? the latest rank is the hardest so use training potions on those rank if u got a pot.
  6. Ardmona
    Is there any "Hell ranks" that I should use enchant training potions on?
  7. Chaos'
    more would always be better. training seal for smithing is only to lower the amount of fine leather required for each rank [or skip great success for armor requirements if ya wanted to]. If you have an abundant amount of fine leather/can buy more, then u wont need as many seals. If you rather save on fine leather for later ranks, put more seals into those ranks that will save u the most fine leather.
  8. Ardmona
    I'm talking about Blacksmithing. I was just asking that if you used a 25% skill training for each rank that you've flagged as a "Use a training seal" would that be enough or would more have to be used?
  9. Chaos'
    are you talking about tailoring or another skill? It will always be exp 15 ones since their the ones everyone can obtain all the times. If you talking about tailoring and if i remember clearly u need ~10 training seals (15) to finish r4-r2 if fails and finish are completed with an exp 2 kit. Rank 4 : 55 pts, Rank 3 : 46 points rank 2 : ~38 pts. So use the 25% + two 15% for r4, three 15% for r3 and three 15% for r2.
  10. Ardmona
    Yeah I've already done the math, I've got a couple more clothes to make for R4 and then R3/2 will be fails/finishes and then I'll use two seals and finish off the rank. I think I'll keep reforging until I get a exp10 hammer.

    Uh, I think there is a bit of confusion, so I'll reiterate: For those ranks where you say to use training seals, do you need to use more than one? (In this case we have 25% ones)
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