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  1. Okami
    Wow... that's pretty freakin' horrible. She should've been giving you the money over time or at least maybe saving it up for you instead of stealing it and spending it on herself. Is there anything you can do about it? I mean if you were supposed to get the money then can't you take it to court or something? And I was kind of in a similar situation with my mother taking a part of the child support that was supposed to go to me. Never really did anything about it though.

    I think you did the right thing. It's not good staying in a household where you aren't welcome, and were you've been lied too for a long time. I'm glad that you found a place to live though, now you can start working on school like you have been. I wish you luck Kangaroo-man! Be strong :)
  2. Liraiyu
    Me and my family have never gotten along, but long story short I found out the government was meant to be giving me money but I'd never gotten a dollar of it. When I asked my mother about it she revealed she'd been stealing it and using it on herself. I told her to stop taking my money, she flipped out and decided to stop paying for school and kick me out at the start of 2012. I left before she could kick me out, and after several months of moving around I got my own room in a shared house earlier this month, so my life is startling to settle down again.
  3. Okami
    Oh my goodness. Well, I hope that everything is doing good besides that. Getting kicked out is no good... :( What caused it if I may ask?

    HIGH FIVE IT WORK! That's what I'm majoring in :) Getting ready to graduate from a community college and head to a university. Pretty darn excited! Except for the fact that most of my hours I worked on in the community college doesn't transfer... but whatever haha.
  4. Liraiyu
    I disappeared because I was a weird caterpillar, so I needed to go into my cocoon and emerge into 2012 as a pretty butterfly!

    My life's been pretty different since I turned 17, I sort of ran away/got kicked out from home and had to drop out of school at the end of year 11, but now I have my own house with some random people and I'm doing some IT course and I'm much cooler!
  5. Okami
    Busy with school and whatnot. :(


    What's going on in Lira's life camon
  6. Liraiyu
    I'm fine, but more importantly how have YOU been?
  7. Okami

    OH my GOSH!!

    How are you??
  8. Liraiyu
    Sup girlfran
  9. Liraiyu
  10. Okami
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