Conversation Between Nghi and Compass

  1. Compass
    Hopefully that means you hired hookers or went to a brothel this time.
  2. Nghi
    Haha, thanks man.
    Celebrated like any other 21st
  3. Compass
    Happy belated birthday! Hope you didn't spend it at the DMV again.
  4. Nghi
    I use that to troll
  5. Compass
    I'm not trolling, I'm giving advice.

    If he used google his post count would be down to 100 or something.
  6. Nghi
    I love that google for you. HAR HAR time to troll ppl
  7. Nghi
    I got to the part where you fight Gulusa for first time. Too OP :(
  8. Compass
    ! I'm surprised anyone of the forums know about Yggdra Union! You sir, are awesome.
    I played the game for a brief bit, but stopped when the mermaids appeared. I just could not get past that part.

    The only other Dept. Heaven game I tried was Knights in the Nightmare and I did not understand what I was doing.

    How about you? How far did you get?
  9. Nghi
    Oh man Yggdra!!
  10. Compass
    Go to Chinatown or Downtown.
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