Conversation Between Zid and Yogurticecream

  1. Zid
    There are some who remember you, but I think most of the ones who would fondly remember you are gone.

    That's a bit of a shame, since you're one of the more respectable Mabinogi players I look up to, because of your kindness. And at least memorable to me because you love the emphasis of music in Mabinogi as much as I do.

    If you're glad, then I am too. I was... unsure if I would be bothering you or not, since you're never around much.
  2. Yogurticecream
    I'm glad that you said hi though. I'd mostly be forgotten now that I have been missing for 2 years.
  3. Zid
    A friend of mine said you were here, and thought it was strange that I wasn't talking to you.

    Whatever that means? Haha... I'm not too good at conversations, so I had trouble deciding if I should have greeted you or not.
  4. Yogurticecream
    o_o how did you get your news fast? Saying hi too!
  5. Zid
    I've been told you're here, so...

    Oh, right. I was supposed to say "Hi", huh?
  6. Zid
    Birthday, birthday~
  7. Zid
    What are you thinking of now? It could always just be a hobby to look back upon.

    I asked if you are Chinese because you reminded me of somebody (coincidentally, in Mabinogi).
  8. Yogurticecream
    Didn't get about it, I guess fate has something else in store for me.
    I'm Chinese, about 99% at least.
  9. Zid
    What about your part time job teaching music? Unless that was something you had to give up.

    I haven't been doing anything related to music at all for a long while. I have two long-term priorities I'm focusing on, and I absolutely need to take care of them first before doing anything else that is life-changing. I cannot say what they are, but I'm expecting this year to be a defining one for me.

    I've always wondered, but are you a full blood Chinese? Or partially?
  10. Yogurticecream
    I'm not in a creative stretch at the moment, so I'm on a partial composing hiatus. I'm still working on my piano though. How's yours?
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