Conversation Between Tropa and drezzt

  1. Tropa
    I'm not too sure on whats the bast max damage enchants, but...

    Head Gear: Prefix / Flame
    Body Gear: Seething / Suffix
    Glove Gear: Prefix / Spark
    Foot Gear: Hot / Cow Boy
  2. drezzt
    Hey tropa, what enchants would you recommend for someone who is seeking to be a melee/fire alchemist hybrid? I plan on wearing light armor and plan on focusing my gear around having alchemy in one slot, and some form of melee in the other, whether it be lance, 2h, or dual wield.
  3. drezzt
    Oh ya, derp, i forgot you need the guard cylinder to use elemental wave and hydra. x.x
  4. Tropa
    I'll use the spellbook for stat renewal, I'll main a Guard cylinder when vate comes out, Hydra and Elemental wave is worth the mana lose.
  5. drezzt
    Hey, just out of curiosity, what do you plan to do with the shield slot?
    I was thinking you'll drop a guard cylinder there instead, but how would the damage/ enchants hold up against the +300 mana bonus from a book or the holy eagle mask shield?

    I'm just intrigued and eager to see how well your water cannon does post revamp.
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