Conversation Between Kenero and Chiyuri

  1. Chiyuri
    it's funny how you can mimic female player character's color theme with the piero puppets. I saw a Kenero Style Puppet >.<
  2. Chiyuri
    I need to find a way to test out colors on 2 different pupet..
  3. Chiyuri
    Has your phone's msn died or something?
  4. Chiyuri
    Since I can't get you on msn, happy new year.
  5. Chiyuri
    is something wrong with your msn?
  6. Kenero
    My MSN keeps saying server is down. Is it working for you?
  7. Chiyuri
    did your msn crash or something?
  8. Chiyuri
    Why don't we have such epic tranformation bonus in mabinogi.. is it because we are Millitians?
  9. Chiyuri
    Hello there? I jsut say ya log into the forum so I was wondering what are ya up to? aren't you in class?
  10. Chiyuri
    *stare at the lack of replies on msn*
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