Conversation Between Kenero and Mentosftw

  1. Mentosftw
    Geeze I just noticed those badgese under your forum name.

    Next year, second row?
  2. Kenero
    aw ty
  3. Mentosftw
    Damn I'm late to this xD Happy birthday.
  4. Mentosftw
    lol, thanks for the effort. I'll be free on wednesday so we could probably do something that day.
  5. Kenero
    Think of enchant hunting as a "special secret" power up event.

    If you want, I could make this an interesting game for you.
  6. Mentosftw
    :/ I kinda regret not doing any enchant hunting prior to g16..

    How is it that you can get such a high max damage?
  7. Mentosftw
    Aww how cute :P

    I feel more inspired to continue it now xD
  8. Kenero
    My face flushes red whenever I read it... I might die due to embarrassment... ><
  9. Mentosftw

    I'm gonna have to make a new thread for each chapter from now on because of the 9700 character limit.
  10. Kenero
    You'll see when I get back.
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