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  1. Lyni
    I forgot about Vindi! And about Mabi.

    (Sorry for disappearing--that was totally rude on my part.)
  2. Yanm
    Japan? LUCKY, I want to go there one day ;~;. For me, it's TF2 and Vindi mainly. Other games I'm interested in atm are mainly BDO, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Subnautica whenever it gets multi-player.
  3. Lyni
    *Just got back from Japan, hurrah!!*

    Right now I've been playing a lot of Path of Exile because it's full of things I like and plays best when I'm using my school's internet connection :D.. Sometimes I play Phantasy Star Online 2 but not as much recently. What about you~?
  4. Yanm
    I may have some old keyboards but game pads I have none of :P. *Ruffles your hair* On the topic of Pc gaming, what else do you play?
  5. Lyni
    Ugh, absolutely D; Once I had a mouse button (keyed to "jump") break on me in the middle of a boss fight and that was bad enough. And especially since the W and D keys are primary motion keys that must really bite in PC gaming. :c Do you by chance have any old keyboards lying around that you could use until you get a better system? Or a game pad for motion?
  6. Yanm
    It's a Lenovo Ideapad y470. 14 in., 550m, i7, 500 GB HD, 8 GB of ram. It's 4 years old. Good during its use, but the w and c key no longer function, so I have to use the on-screen keyboard to use them. The D key is also having trouble responding as well at times. You realize of course how troubling this can be in video games ;~;. . .
  7. Lyni
    This is OK-rekt because I did poorly but so did everyone else so most of us passed.

    Really sorry to hear about the class x_x it sounds like you've got a good mentality about it though so props to you for that~ What kind of laptop do you have? My mom's running XP on an ancient desktop from before 2007. Not to say it runs well at all or anything. :I
  8. Yanm
    You got rekt? The good rekt or bad rekt? I got rekt myself a bit, in the bad way. Had a class I did complete shit in, so that bothers me a bit, but my GPA is still fine for the most part. Just 1 more semester and I'm done. At the moment, I'm trying to freaking get money for a new laptop. Mine is 4 years old ;~;. . .
  9. Lyni
    I got rekt! And so did everyone else. Thanks for checking in. c:

    In all seriousness though I learned a lot and found some really and genuinely amazing friends. Now I'm back on mabi for the holidays until school starts up again in a few weeks. How have you been these past few months?
  10. Yanm
    How did this semester treat ya Lyni?
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