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  1. ToriKitsune
    That I can understand, I was really only able to play during the summer :x
  2. Lan
    I know of a store that still sells old Ps2 games so I could find it if I wanted but frankly I do not have the time.
  3. ToriKitsune
    Ah, that video~ The music is what got me into the game as well :P
    AT1 is...hard to find. D: So I used an emulator to play it. But I do have AT2. I think AT2 is my favorite [so far], between the music and gameplay :o
  4. Lan
    This video is what really got me into Ar Tonelico songs. Don't have any games though :/
  5. ToriKitsune
    Yep, she's my favorite out of all the hymn singers :D
  6. Lan
    Hmm I don't think so. Is she the one who sang EXEC Chronicle Key?
  7. ToriKitsune
    Then we're in the same boat 8D
    Have you heard of Akiko Shikata's album Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor? The songs on it are based off of AT legends, and it's.... Epic, to say the least ಠ Uಠ
  8. Lan
    Yeah, I downloaded all the songs from all the games :3
  9. ToriKitsune
    Have you heard any of the songs from AT3? :O
  10. Lan
    Eikyuu Ni Musuhite :3
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