Conversation Between paladin and Cucurbita

  1. Cucurbita
    Thats a pretty baseless conclusion but I suppose I do have a strong affinity for female characters.
  2. paladin
    So cucu like female heros?
  3. Cucurbita
    It is Monmusu Quest.
  4. paladin
    why does the art style remind me of monster quest
    and i must ask the sources
    Must not become a pettanko liker
  5. paladin
    Oh never mind then
  6. Cucurbita
    I didn't call them weird once. I just questioned their objectionably lewd clothing.
  7. paladin
    No you call them weird yet you have a pirate loli
  8. Cucurbita
    My elin is dressed very modestly tyvm.
  9. paladin
    you question the weridness of skimpy dress in tera when your have a loli animal ear pirate elin?
  10. paladin
    You make hentai games O:?
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