Conversation Between paladin and Evaris

  1. Evaris
    Game designers made her that way to appeal to the lolicons of the world?
  2. paladin
    yea i normal size would of been nice
    I mean barring alma the other 2 knights are pretty shapely without being huge so why cant she
  3. Evaris
    This is true, however at least she didn't have oversized breasts. That is far worse.
    C/D cups for the win in my opinion. Though that's me. Enough to be comfortable but not so large as to get in the way.
  4. paladin
    I was just sad tamano was a flat chest
    Okay I can not mind her being a few hundred years old, and the fact she would drink me dry
    But shes a pettanko D:
  5. Evaris
    *takes tofu out of hands*
    *pushes to side, gets up, eats tofu*

    As an aside, Monmusu Quest is fun too. Can't wait for part 3.
  6. paladin
    *touch fluffy tail*
    *waves fried thin tofu*
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