Conversation Between paladin and Valix

  1. Valix
    add me on gw2 when you get a chance name is Valix
  2. paladin
    Benn well man
    You still good
  3. Valix
    I see joo too. LOL. How ya been?
  4. paladin
    I hope if goes well if you choice to do so
  5. Valix
    I'm actually thinking on going back to school. Second Bacholars
  6. paladin
    Hey val was it been
    Signed my ass for a suicde study weekend'
    Cram for a final,2 poster project,reseatch paper + 2 lab reports
  7. Valix
    hey what is new? Yea I'm back for a bit
  8. paladin
    ITs vall!
  9. paladin
  10. Valix
    hey archy whats your vindi name?
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