Conversation Between paladin and Kingofrunes

  1. Kingofrunes
    Why yes my good chap I am bi and no I don't have a gf or a bf. In fact, oddly enough, I'm not interested in either atm.
  2. paladin
    oh god
    I thought runes had a gf and stuff
    Your bi?
    *uses escape rope*
  3. paladin
    that expect it can be any sexy outfit
    Maids are good but when something just as good comes around whos to complain?
  4. Kingofrunes
    Depends largely on your definition of cat girl.

    I'm no furry mind you. I'd say if the "cat girl" in question wore a Maid's outfit, cat ears, and cat tail, but was otherwise human. Then the answer would be.

  5. paladin
    Would you ever marry a cat girl?
  6. paladin
  7. Kingofrunes
    I be doing good yo and how you be doing?
  8. paladin
    How be kingofrunes?
  9. paladin
    All you need is a frog princess wife lol
    Changes between frog and princess between kisses
  10. Kingofrunes
    Been afk fishing and now I can finally put that aside now that I got my fishing rod. Been playing lots of TF2 whilst doing that.
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