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  1. ironwoman
    It will make the swords more useful, but 1h will still be useless due to lack of piercing, even from those stupid enchants.

    2h on the other hand will be more decent. Still not on the level of lances, and people will still use lance as the end-game weapon. The piercing enchant that I mentioned actually never gets put on swords for obvious reason: the requirement is that the weapon should have base piercing. Meaning only lance and Bhafel Slayer can benefit from the enchant, otherwise the enchant is a waste. The enchant is really more of a good news for lance users, since this enchant proves to be more powerful than Cartel. Right now, I'm using a Cartel Penetrating Knight lance, which gives 9 piercing, and Cartel itself gives 15 max damage. The other enchant however, gives around 30 with same piercing, as well as same modifier. It's also a suffix. With Cartel and the enchant, lion claw lance would finally be able to have 8 piercing, and it'd be the highest damage out of 8 piercing lances. Is it worth it though? No, if you're that dumb enough to pay that much of repair cost, might as well start clearing your real life bank account.
  2. drezzt
    Hey, so I was looking over the enchants that come with the SAO event. I was just wondering what your opinion is on how these enchants will impact the melee end-game.

    I think the enchants will give swords a chance once more. The damage boosts are unlike any other enchant currently existing. However, that only applies if we get the enchant versions with the piercing.

    Without the piercing, swords are crappy endgame weapons, both 1h and 2h. The release of piercing has really skewed melee to favor lance users, and I'm not really a supporter of the lance.

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on the enchants, if we ever get them.
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