Conversation Between ironwoman and Prophecies

  1. Prophecies
    Yeah i use magic for almost everything, gun is for dueling WOTG and for WOTG Burst.
  2. ironwoman
    Mostly because of repair costs and piercing essentially being a waste.

    It's still a good option if you're intending to use a gun only for wotg.
  3. Prophecies
    Kk ty.. Always been curious why noone has put 67th floor on a friggin gun xD
  4. ironwoman
    Yes. Every single 2h enchant goes on guns.
  5. Prophecies
    Hey, quick question, do you know if it is possible to put 67th floor on dowra SE's? I know you can put Violent ES on Dual guns, and on the wiki it classifies them both as "two-handed weapon enchants"
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