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  1. Cynic
    You're probably just social in your own way, then. People always associate being social with being able to or wanting to interact with a lot of people. Where in reality is just means you like to socialize, regardless of how many people it's with.

    Oh? That's pretty nifty. My Mom is also an financial aid, but if worse comes to worse, she's insisting that she'll help me pay for my future College classes once she graduates and is able to get a job. (she cannot work at the moment due to her back + school work-load) But that won't be until the late Fall. I really want to start before Spring is over, albeit with online classes to start out. - As for the ACT, I have to study Math first. I took it once when I was looking to get into Running Start (basically allowing a Highschooler to also start College) and I passed Reading/Writing, but failed Math. So I want to wait until I'm more confident, as it's also $10 per test + you have to wait another semester to re-take it after you fail.
    Hah.. I suck at Math in general. But that's more of a because-I-missed-too-much-school issue, rather than something like my being unable to grasp it. Basically, my Math is around a 6th grade level.
  2. Hitokagay
    The funny thing is, I identify as very much of a social being. However, I need to be in a small group of very close friends to be happiest. I can deal with large events, I just tend to prefer alternatives.

    Ugh, I hear about the pains of financial aid from Karu, since his parents are pretty hands-off when it comes to his schooling. I'm fortunate that my parents are both professors at the college I go to, so I get free tuition, not including fees, books, and parking. However, that will not be the case when we both transfer. Do you have test anxiety or have the scheduled dates been at unfortunate times? I know I freeze up when it comes to math, specifically. I could write you a book if you asked, but put a Statistics test in front of me and I'm absolutely useless.
  3. Cynic
    I'm not really a social being myself, so I can understand. I do enjoy finding more people like myself, though, and am trying to develop a habit of actually interacting more with people like that and what-not.

    There's too much bad rep about being introverted~ I see nothing wrong with it. As long as you can socialize fine with those who counts, it doesn't really matter imo. Though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't bother introverted and anti-social myself. :P

    'M sorry to hear it, though. My Mom is almost done with her 4-year degree and currently taking 4 classes, so I understand from a side POV. I myself just kind of (try to) handle things around the house. I haven't been able to do much as I'm done with HS but unable to start College due to not qualifying for financial aid yet. Health problems have kept me from taking the ACT (mandatory for me to qualify), so I'm stuck at home the majority of the time. Which is nice, but pretty uneventful and boring. So I'm hoping to deal with some personal issues and goals in the meantime.
  4. Hitokagay
    I approve of this.


    Honestly, I think the same thing to myself whenever I see one of your posts, I just tend to lurk more than reach out. I don't really seem like the introverted type, but there it is. Internet shyness ahoy. Anyway, I'm fine, just tired. The semester just started, so Karu and I have been... busy, to put it lightly. What about you? How's life?
  5. Cynic
    For some reason I recall checking your in-game info and reading you were on Ruairi, but just noticed you are in-fact from Alexina. Not too sure how that happened, lol, but regardless, I thought I'd say hi.

    You and your partner seem like the type of people I actually respect and relate to, so I figured there was no harm in startin' up a conversation.

    How are things?
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