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  1. KingOfLegend
    How Have you been doing man and hows school been going ?
  2. KingOfLegend
    I guess you deleted meh or what not but ether way wanted to say Happy Late New Year
  3. KingOfLegend
    whatcha been ranking up?
  4. KingOfLegend
    So whatcha been up to now?
  5. KingOfLegend
    The new laptop works wonder hope fix works tonight lol
  6. KingOfLegend
    Just got my New Asus Laptop
  7. KingOfLegend
    Goodluck with the InternerShip Lol And i finally complete my to do List for my elf main items T.T Down side cant play him Rages
  8. KingOfLegend
    Yeah but im a Love a Dove Cuddle bug and Courtney Doesnt have any type of Dirty Thoughs and IDK if she has any type of Romance and as for other girl hope they break up soon shes my type too bad i Got creeped out by her at begining D:
  9. Yuuki Asuna
    Awww, that's okay if you're shy. Most girls I've met appreciate when guys go out on a limb to ask them out. It's quite a testament to your character and it shows that you're willing to go out of your comfort zone for them.
  10. KingOfLegend
    Well today i gave this one girl who had a crush on meh a One of a kind Piece of Art i did and she loved it too bad she has a BF Now should of Tooken her for her offer in the Begining Might ask Courtney Out but im Shy :<
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