Conversation Between Timotei and Nghi

  1. Nghi
    This is one of the cool ones I found searching around
  2. Timotei
    Yup, made it myself, though I've seen a few other ones laying around too.
  3. Nghi
    you sir have the coolest gif i ever seen
  4. Timotei
  5. Timotei
    Well, that's one way.
  6. Nghi
    sure i can, magic pot :)
  7. Timotei
    Hey, I bet you I can beat a level 100 Jecht with a level 1 Prishe.
  8. Timotei

    I gots Anti-Ex
  9. Nghi
    lol, I would access to the gears as well
  10. Timotei
    Oh yeah? Well, I have over powered gear and summon stones! Hah
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