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  1. Kingofrunes
    I do record while in windowed mode. I have windowed mode fill up as much of my screen as possible and I have dual monitor for browsing things on the side. I prefer windowed mode as it's far easier to tab between different things.
  2. Snowie Stormflower
    Hmm, thank you for that.

    Another thing, do you record Mabi while playing in fullscreen or windowed, because I play with some self-adjusted window mode and it comes with a funky resolution like 1743 x 1046 or something and I'm not sure if adjusting that would affect the quality as well.
  3. Kingofrunes
    Sure, most of the programs I use are paid ones though.

    For recording I favor the Mabi Recorder as I have no issues with quality or lag with that. Fraps is my backup though for things that happen before you can actually use the mabi recorder or for cutscenes that are potentially lengthy (more than 5 minutes).

    For post processing I use Adobe Elements 11 which processes them into FLV format. It's pretty easy and simple to use and gets the job done but can't get too super fancy. Fancier than Windows Movie Maker for sure though.

    Tried Sony Vegas Pro before, couldn't figure out how to make the videos not come out blurry, and it suffers from being too complex for me to handle (also why I prefer Adobe Fireworks over Adobe Photoshop)
  4. Snowie Stormflower

    Out of curiosity, what programs do you use to record and process/edit your videos?
    I'm using Open Broadcaster Software (makes .FLV files) to record them, which seems alright at first but after using Windows Movie Maker to edit it, the quality just gets utterly destroyed.

    So I'm wondering if you have any better programs you could suggest me.
  5. Snowie Stormflower
    I like most of the Pokemon characters actually, Skyla just appeals to me most atm.

    She'll be dead to me in a few months though, who knows!
  6. Kingofrunes
    I see that you like Skyla

  7. Snowie Stormflower

    Good little Chen~
  8. Kingofrunes
    Stupid Brick Wall!

    Why can't you understand my feelings!



    *picks up bottle and chucks it at the brick wall*


    *walks away*

    There, now I feel better.
  9. Snowie Stormflower
    Sheesh, I had to~

    Quote Originally Posted by Kingofrunes View Post
    I'd be better off arguing with a brick wall.
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