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  1. Kapra
    Yep, impossible to get music buff skills at the minute in test. =\ There was rumors you had to do G1 first but Herro did G1-3 and still doesn't get the quests for them.
  2. Yogurticecream
    I wish I knew, but I didn't get to test Enthrall when I was on the test server unfortunately, neither did I notice the buff effects keenly at that time. (Mostly only tested the songs component there.) The last time I wanted to test these skills on KR Test again I remember I couldn't get the Musical Buff skills at all. I wonder if this is still happening over there.
  3. Kapra
    Things like, first of all, what instruments you can use with enthrall depends on enthrall rank, at r1 you can use all instruments. And starting r5 singing, you can use music buff skills without a microphone. My question is, even if both skills are r1, can you sing enthralling performance at r1? Can you do it without a mic? It's been hard for us to find out ourselves because you need to do G1-3 then G9-12 before you can start G13 to get Enthrall. I know some skills like Dischord cannot be used with microphones or micless singing under any circumstances.

    If you make a Hero or Elite Hero diva to get phantasmal chorus before r5 singing, can you still use it despite having to sing with an instrument equipped?

    Have you notice Music Buff Effect increasing the effects of Ode of Sighs and Hymn of life? (We cannot get regular buff skills in test atm to test.)

    Does Ode of Sighs stack with dischord?
  4. Yogurticecream
    Seems comprehensive. What do you want to ask about?
  5. Kapra
    Can you look over these pages and tell me if I missed anything? I have some additional questions later if you don't mind.
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