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  1. Cookiebunny
    I separated the MML into individual lines. If you're copying directly from Mabination to Mabinogi, please just try out 3MLE first.
    There seriously, seriously shouldn't be any problems now.
    Hell, if there still continue to be, please try to get someone else to compose it for you. xD;;
  2. Code2008
    Heya, I replied on the post.
  3. Cookiebunny
    Bloop, messaging here again.
    Problem isn't with the MML. Check reply on the thread. ^^
  4. Cookiebunny
    Just going to post here to let you know I fixed the MML. I wasn't able to gather people together to play the parts together, but when I tested them out individually, I noticed no rhythm issues. Please let me know if you still experience any problems!
  5. Cookiebunny
    Just letting you know that I responded to your song request a week ago.
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