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  1. Cookiebunny
  2. Yoorah
  3. Cookiebunny
    I think it's a pretty bright cover! I like it.
    That name though. I still can't get over it. It makes me think of popcorn chicken.
  4. Yoorah

    lol this song came up again... though these guys aren't as good, it still looks fun. xp
  5. Yoorah
    I know, right? LOL Bump of chicken? What the hell. xd
    But her voice is pretty amazing. She sings low notes beautifully, too.
  6. Cookiebunny
    It's so pretty! I wasn't sure if I could take it seriously at first because of the name of the song, but even though I don't understand the lyrics, her voice is very nice. <3
  7. Yoorah

  8. Cookiebunny
    Eh, I know. But I'm sure a consideration for it was how much detail was put in, and a lack of background probably voided an entry.
  9. Yoorah
    It's not trash! I think it's very cute. :3
    I'm sure they had a tough time picking the winning entries, with so many good ones submitted.
  10. Cookiebunny
    And by art contest, I mean the SAO one. *Twitch*
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