Conversation Between Blassreiter and Yuuki Asuna

  1. Yuuki Asuna
    May the stalk be with you too!
  2. Blassreiter
    The stalk is strong with this one
  3. Blassreiter
    Let me stalk your skype instead then. Ramu is buggingly curious to see if you're a trap or not. lelelele
  4. Yuuki Asuna
    plz no

    i can't which blass u r on skype btw

  5. Blassreiter
  6. Yuuki Asuna
    you know nothing!!!

    wow your profile music wth
  7. Blassreiter
    such stalk, much trap
  8. Yuuki Asuna
    The rep thing just means you're a good poster! Not that I could be a stalker
  9. Yuuki Asuna
    Okay okay you caught me :[

  10. Blassreiter
     Stalker Alert
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