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  1. Deitylight
    LOL, I know you guys would hate me for laughing at that but that was just to funny.

  2. Deitylight
    I heard bad things happened >_>
  3. Milk
    Prob gunna have to beat this one more time though Im making sure everyone gets every ad skill/ title this play through. The next one will be the serious fight with her in unkown and my last playthrough of the game so im going to grab everything I can.

    So yeah all my stats are far from perfect this playthrough
    Example: Has a ton of Physical Damage on Jade.
  4. Deitylight
    lkr, but her attacks are kinda easy to dodge, with 10x exp you should do fine vs her.
  5. Milk
    Van at the ending? During my second play through i had the crazy idea of trying to beat him in Unknown Mode at only lv 98... Lets just say that he tour me a new one pretty quickly.

    This play through im doing 10x exp so imma give him another chance.

    But im more worried about Nebilim and her op self. This Nebilim makes tales symphonia look like a joke....
  6. Deitylight
    How are you losing to Van?
  7. Deitylight
    You don't want to know.
    Prepare your anus
    Prepare your anus
    Prepare your anus
    Prepare your anus

  8. Milk
    I can't see what you posted in the spoilers
  9. Milk
    I already know you DD :3

    The ending of that rant answered your your own argument. He's taking out his anger on Christian in general rather than just aiming it at those people who try to force their faith on him. Which. He doesn't care wether or not if you're a good Christian or a babbling moron who tries to justify his idiotic actions by placing the blame on the bible itself. So that's why I compared it to racist people.

    Just like racist people place stereotypes on people & choose to hate a certain group of people just because of those hateful feelings he do did the same by what he said.

    "why don't we take all the christians in the world & kill them so that they can be reunited with this god they love so much." Or something like that is what he said.
  10. Deitylight
    I know what it feel like to hate religion, you know this and you know why I do. Also you cannot compare us to
    racists because unlike racists, who hates others for being different, we hate religion because it's being shoved
    into our lives and is the world around us in a way we don't like. You cannot deny that stories like sodom and
    gomorrah gives people the green flag that says: "OK! These people are pure evil and must be burned at a stake as it is written in holy book of god." Never mind the fact that this story is the most highlighted story for any person who is anti gay and happen to be Christians. By the way, I wouldn't call it blind hatred, if anything it is justified against those who cannot allow happiness for people who are different, non-religious idiotic homophobic are obviously included...


    I do not care about people being religious whatsoever, you already know that Milton, I abandoned the anti religions antics when I realized I was wasting my time. what I do care for is that it influcnes other people to do idiotic things for "GOD" and that is something you can never truly deny, check out your basic history if you do not believe me.

    Please do not use straw man arguments against me.

    Also Kollin, your rage is directed at the wrong direction, I do not believe anyone here would force their faith on you.
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