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  1. Deitylight
    Very well. Thursday afternoon will do.
    Best of luck.
  2. truefire
    Would Thursday afternoon/evening be fine? I'm going to be out most of Wednesday and it really would give me time to decide what exactly I want to do. I'm really not trying to hold you up. I just wanna give it a proper go instead of a figurative six Magikarp team.
  3. Deitylight
    Friday seems so long and far away..especially considering the Archeage business I have to deal with soon that includes political nonsense. I hope we can find a middle ground in getting this battle over with soon.
  4. truefire
    I know you're eager to go, and I also would like to do this sooner rather than later, so... preferably at least Friday at the earliest. I'm probably about to get stomped regardless but I do want to take some time to craft a team I'm more satisfied with. What time during the day is best for you?
  5. Deitylight
    Apparently I am your opponent.
    When do you wish to fight?
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