Conversation Between koishi-sempai and Maenad

  1. Maenad
    I liiiiiive.
  2. Maenad
    What's up Broseidon, King of the Brocean?

    As for my After Years, I'm going through all the tales and leveling up moar because every the Depths boss in the Final Tale is hell to me.
  3. Maenad
    At school.
  4. koishi-sempai
    Also, I reformatted my Wii a bit ago and now I have to start the after years over.


    And I also need to play the DS version.
  5. koishi-sempai
    y u no skype?
  6. Maenad
    How come you're not on Skype?
  7. Maenad

    I won't be able to get on Skype for some time, got an MSN?
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