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  1. Yogurticecream
    SoundFonts folder within the 3MLE edition you gave (the one where we could test piano out).
  2. Kenero
  3. Yogurticecream
    Just go to the "SoundFonts" folder and rename the original to something else, then copy and paste the JP MSXspirit.dls file. Open the program as per normal and select the chorus voices.

    Also, use this for vocal range testing: "o1v15cdefgabo2cdefgabo3cdefgabo4cdefgabo5cdefgabo 6cdefgabo7cdefgabo8cdefgabo9cdefgab"
  4. Kenero
    Can you write me step by step what to do?

    The merge doesn't work with me and the instrument selection is off in 3ML
  5. Yogurticecream
    The female chorus works properly and it sounds less harsh than the original.
    I wonder what's with the voices. The file seems smaller than the KR one.
  6. Kenero
    Is the female chorus working properly at least?
  7. Yogurticecream
    Unfortunately the normal voices for the Japanese voices aren't working. The chorus voices are and there is a noticeable difference from the Korean one. Male choruses voices on the JP one are of a higher pitch.
  8. Kenero
    If you can get it working, let me know.
  9. Yogurticecream
    I downloaded it but not tested yet.
    Helping my guild leader deal with an enchant before I try it out.
  10. Kenero
    Yogurt, have you gotten the JP mxspirit to work on 3ML?
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