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  1. Yoorah
    I guess you just like to paint things red. :(
  2. Hanahoshi
    Indeed I shall. -explodes-
  3. Yoorah
    That doesn't solve the cleanup problem. You'll just come and explode again. x.x
  4. Hanahoshi
    It is ok I will respawn :3
  5. Yoorah
    Y u explode on my wall. :( Now I have to clean it up.
  6. Hanahoshi
  7. Yoorah
    This girl lives. :O
  8. Yoorah
    That's great, congrats on the new job! I hear teachers have it pretty tough until they can get a permanent full time position. :S

    I wouldn't say it's super cozy and comfy. xD I live pretty minimalistic, as I'm lazy with shopping. And when I finally got around to it, it was a huge pain in the ass [pic], ordered a bunch of stuff from IKEA all at once... After cleaning it all up, it looks more presentable [pic] (the small bed was for my brother who was crashing at my place, the bed transforms into a small couch and stuff!) Friends keep telling me that I need to decorate the walls and stuff, but I can't be bothered. ;_;

    And yeah, it was an NBA game! We kicked Orlando's butt. :D Pep band = cheerleaders with musical instruments?
  9. Hanahoshi
    Yes yes, inside out in a good way! I recently got hired at wal-mart so I don't have to worry about money over the summer anymore (subbing does not pay for summer months x.x). So I'm excited about that! Ohhh new furniture yay yay! Is it all super cozy and comfy? :3

    And is this like a professional/college basketball game? :O

    I've only ever been to my old high school's basketball games. I was in the pep band so I got to go free to every one. :3
  10. Yoorah
    I hope that's inside out and upside down in a good way?! Adventures? D8
    I've been well. I finallllly got around to getting some furniture for my apartment. I procrastinated on doing this for many months... lol. I also went to see my first basketball game last week with some friends, it was fun. :3
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