Conversation Between Yoorah and Honey

  1. Yoorah
    I'm sorry to hear that. :(
    *uses a Phoenix feather*
  2. Honey
    i'm dead on the inside tho :'/
  3. Yoorah
    Dis gurl still lives. :O
  4. Honey
    ayy. thanks m8
  5. Yoorah
    I also approve of the currently chosen one!
    *stamps seal of approval*
  6. Honey
    :D!! Is that a good thing?
  7. Yoorah
    I can't criticize this one. :c
  8. Honey
    Nahhh, potatoes are gr8 ;-;..just super random if it is used as a profile pic.
  9. Yoorah
    But I like potatoes. :( You're saying it like it's a bad thing!
  10. Honey
    wow I might just turn my profile picture into a potato
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