Conversation Between Phunkie and Piero

  1. Phunkie
    Hi hi hi! I love you!
  2. Piero
    Hope everything is going great with you!!
  3. Piero
  4. Piero
    Out to NYC in a bit ;;!!
  5. Piero
    Miss you too bud. (:
  6. Piero
    Ohh ohhh, sometimes..I GET A GOOD FEELING!
  7. Piero
    Omw to NY. :D
  8. Piero
    Hi Joel!

    It's been a while.
  9. Piero
    Just ghosts and alien/ufo sightings.. The ghost/creature ones are creepy as hell. They tried to investigate near this dude's house where he saw a creature with a head and legs attached to the head, no arms, no body, no neck. Once they got there, their equipment started failing and the batteries ran out faster than usual o:. Then they had this thermal camera, and it showed these 2 creatures, but laik, it was all blue, and then turned red/yellow. It's on the syfy channel.
  10. Phunkie
    I've never heard of it. O_O

    Do they show like poop and chocolate?
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