Conversation Between Phunkie and Lan

  1. Phunkie
    Oh wow! Never knew that! :) Love you!
  2. Lan
    Miss you too <3 you're one of the reasons I'm not a raging homophobe so thanks for that.
  3. Phunkie
    Miss you!!
  4. Lan
  5. Lan
    Have to write about 8 pages of notes and come up with a thesis statement :<
  6. Phunkie

    What's stressing you out though?
  7. Lan
    Going to be stressed till I sleep, not for many hours. Thank god I have first spare.
  8. Phunkie
    Hey Lan! How are you? :)
  9. Lan
    Phunkie of the phunk!
  10. Phunkie
    I returned to being Phunkie, so I needed a new avatar and sig set.

    And I was like, what the heck? Lemme be Ludicolo!
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