Conversation Between Phunkie and Baku

  1. Phunkie
    Really good. Happy. :)

    YOU?! I miss you!
  2. Baku

    How's the Phunk doing?
  3. Baku
  4. Phunkie
    Love you too. :)
  5. Baku
    Thanks, but not interested.
    Anyways, just felt like maybe you should be aware of this, since it involves yourself.
  6. Phunkie
    Good evening, sir.

    And I do not. I'm more of a Skype guy anyway. haha

    You should join us! :)
  7. Baku
    Greetings your holy presence. You don't get on MSN very often do you?
  8. Phunkie
    Haha, I bow to that!
  9. Baku
    Oh Phunkie, I have speed and awesomeness you will never surpass.

    MAUAHAHAHa and stuff.
  10. Phunkie
    Loser! Taking all my reports and then making fun of my use of the English language.


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