Conversation Between Phunkie and Brynn

  1. Brynn
  2. Phunkie
    When is it??
  3. Brynn
    joel theres gonna be madoka 3rd movie buy me a ticket i dont have money do it lets bring andrew triple date leggo
  4. Brynn
    Watchu mean googling stuff?
  5. Phunkie
    You inspired me. :)

    And I don't. haha

    I just started googling stuff.
  6. Brynn
    I didn't want you to think that I meant hopeless negatively! And I don't know, your posts, and like I don't know.
  7. Phunkie
    Haha, I get it.

    But why did you say it out of the blue? Did I say something that made you think I was romantic?
  8. Brynn
    No! I meant the hopeless as in, you can't help it but be romantic!
  9. Phunkie
    Haha, why do you say this all of a sudden?

    What made you think of this?
  10. Brynn
    That you're a romantic.
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