Conversation Between Ravendor and KomeijiSatori

  1. Ravendor
    Yup :D
  2. KomeijiSatori
    Word through the grapevine is that it's your birthday.
  3. KomeijiSatori
    Finished breeding my post game team. Mwahahaha, oh you are going to cry worse than you did against Aegislash. >:3
  4. KomeijiSatori
    That's true. Just be sure it can withstand a 438 Attack Shadow Sneak.
  5. Ravendor
    Yup, but I could bash it against the king's shield for as long as I needed to, then use foresight and superpower for damage.
  6. KomeijiSatori
    Eh, Malamar isn't really a threat to Aegislash. Last I checked, Contrary only affected you.
  7. Ravendor
    I'm making a contrary malamar for that actually
  8. KomeijiSatori

    Oh, and here's some tips:

    To beat Aegislash, Flamethrower is a usual 1HKO. If not, using Ghosts like Gengar, Banette, and their Mega Formes can rip apart Aegislash.
  9. Ravendor
    Haha i spent all day in the battle spot that I forgot I was supposed to use a full lineup
  10. KomeijiSatori
    I look forward to seeing you grow.

    Also I'm horrible at flat battles. 3v3 is too short for me.
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