Conversation Between Ravendor and Lan

  1. Lan
    Can I ask of thee to clone me a 6 IV Ditto when you have the time? And I'm not freaking out over all these goddamn midterms.
  2. Ravendor
    I ended up getting them in a wonder trade, so I'm good now. Thank you though. :D
  3. Lan
    Do you still want a Larvitar and Dratini?
  4. Ravendor
    I am... hrm...

    *reevaluates life* o_o
  5. Lan
    Or are you?!
  6. Ravendor
    I know. I'm just messing with you. xD
  7. Lan
    No ._. it's the guy who your guild is named after.
  8. Ravendor
    Oh hey look!

    It's Hercules! :D
  9. Lan
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