Conversation Between Ravendor and Brynn

  1. Brynn
    Also what would you want for it?

    And I'm REALLY really sorry if it's too much to ask but yeah I would also love a female counterpart... I could trade back both eevees you gave me if that's what it takes and if you don't have any females with them it's fine.
  2. Brynn
    I'm sorry, I haven't been actively online for a bit. I've been waiting for you to reply so that I can go on and trade it, since I'm trying to breed a Zoroark with your Eevee, haha. Anyways if you have skype add me!!


    would make it much easier to meet up.
  3. Ravendor
    I have an eevee for you, just haven't been able to find you online for a while. D:
  4. Brynn
  5. Brynn
    Remember that Male Eevee you traded me? I just started using it for breeding and the like... and it has an attack IV??

    Possible to trade it in for a 5IV one without the attack IV? lol
  6. Ravendor
    Trade me next time you see me then. I'll try to dig one up. :>
  7. Brynn
    Yup haha
  8. Ravendor
    Oh right, still need it?
  9. Brynn
    Hey hey Raven! About that Female eevee..?
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