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  1. CIRNO
  2. Baku
    Endless Dreams would be cool, or better yet if you could have total control over their length and make them stop exactly when you want them to.

    /Random Baku being random.

    Also 12 visitor messages only? :c WRY
  3. paladin
    oh am sorry
    Didnt notice you become super mod
  4. TLCBonaparte
    You and I both agree on US foreign policy being generally horrible, so I really don't get why you dislike Ron Paul, clarify it for me, I want to chance to defend Ron Paul with logic and reason.
  5. Iyasenu
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  6. Iyasenu
    lol your sig. xD
  7. Compass
    +2 visitor message
  8. Hanna
    +1 visitor message
  9. EndlessDreams
    Always speedling boost. Speedling is effective in just about anything. Why spend the first 100 gas on lair? Anything in the Lair category is going to require you to have more than 1 gas extractor mining to keep up.

    Early part of a Zerg's game should be spent on droning if you aren't under pressure. Remember, put Zerglings on all watch towers, and one Zergling in front of your opponent's ramp.
  10. BobYoMeowMeow
    should the cat use his first 100 gas for speedling boost or lair?
    the cat uses speedlings to scout and overlords to spreed creep
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