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  1. Claudia
    thanks girl! hope things are going well for you <3
  2. Ithiliel
    A lot of things happened, but I turned in my two weeks on Monday. It was such crap pay for what I was doing, and I was getting bullied by staff so...

    My major is Asian Languages! I'll get my BA eventually, just gotta stop switching majors!
  3. Claudia
    I was hoping high school history \:D/ and it feels so silly to say out loud because I absolutely adore (read: way too much) my world history/gender studies teacher and my gov't teacher (american history as well) teacher is amazing. I love little kids but it's so much work to clean up after them (oh god we did posters at work the other day, letting 15 preteen girls paint things without any rules was a disaster) and just to do non-teacher-y things. high school kids don't usually need refereeing.

    and yes, plenty of time! engineering of any type is in demand now methinks.
  4. Ithiliel
    Things are decent, going to be quitting my own job soon. SO MUCH BULLSHIT WITH THAT. But other than that, have my own place with my sister and school is going smoothly~
  5. Claudia
    I quit anatomy LOL. my teacher was pretty good about it. on thursday the work was at least 90 minutes, which was more than all of my other classes combined...and I haven't even gotten HW in half of my classes yet. the workload is crazy, and all the things you have to memorize is out of this world. i'm not very good at memorizing things, i'm much better at remembering concepts. better to lose the honors weighting on my GPA than to have a high weight and bomb the class and have literally no free time my senior year of HS.

    but now I have to completely change my college plan. high school teacher is the plan now, methinks. I love kids.

    and wow, chemical engineering, that sounds like one of the more interesting engineering classes. a lot of work though, so good luck!
    (also my HS GPA is so-so.)
  6. Ithiliel
    Hope life is going well for you =)
  7. Claudia
    i've been gone for 4 days so don't feel bad LOL
    and oh god, you were 'the girl in an accident'. niiice.

    ugh I hate it when people do that shift stuff. i haven't had something that bad happen to me, but I never said no to a shift. I made a lot more money that way, which was nice, but some days I was like fuckkkk I don't want to get up never mind going to work

    I am drowning in school. anatomy, specifically. i'm pretty sure nursing is no longer my thing.
  8. Claudia
    ouch, that sounds MAD PAINFUL

    and holy shit we get the cups thing all the time. we have no plastic utensils (you shouldn't really need them, I mean we'll cut your pizza for you if you ask), no cups. we have tons of extra slush cups and we used to put candy in them (we sell individual sour patch, swedish fish, pretzel rods, and laffy taffy), but my boss got mad at us because the 'cups cost more than the candy we put in them'. so people get annoyed sometimes that we can't 'just give them a fork'. I mean, we don't even have any to give to lifeguards.

    LOL today some guy was annoyed that we didn't have coke products (we have pepsi) but gave me a $1 tip anyways. oh well.

    today was a swell day, but my boss thought I was complaining/arguing with a co-worker over who should clean the bathroom. we were joking about who should do it (comparing how much trash we had to take out earlier, tons of people called in sick) and in the end I said i'd go but my boss did it without me and yelled at both of us. we made funny faces at eachother afterwards to express our dislike. e_e
  9. Claudia
    lol my bosses. so funny, most of them. some of them aren't though e_e

    I think the worst kids are the know-it-alls, like when I asked a girl how old she was and she said 7, I politely told her she wasn't old enough but she goes "OH, I'M ON A SWIM TEAM" and cuts me off before I can ask if she can swim over her head. 'CAUSE I TOTALLY KNOW JUST BY LOOKING @ YOU.

    I don't have to tell the kids about the water, but I do it because my bosses prolly wouldn't like it, 'cause they usually put their mouthes on the things too. also it embarrasses the parents that don't watch their dang kids. and it's fun to say "please don't drink the water"

    and yeah, marshall's has designer stuff for cheap. I meant clothes in general are expensive LOL.

    but yeah, with anxiety i've had some really bad times. once I forgot a woman's pizza, so I ran back in crying without even explaining why I only gave her 1. my boss was really nice about it but since then she hasn't talked to me...>_>. but eh, I think it's a learning experience, makes me feel more confident when I do it right. just last week I was left alone in the snack shack and I had to scoop an order of like ten slush by myself. but I did it, and remembered the bit with the pizza and it made me laugh at how worried I was over it.
  10. Claudia

    so I just scooped the kid a large and plucked the 5 out of his hand and gave him his change. I prefer rude people to the above, at least rude people know what they want e_e

    but mostly we just laughed about it afterwards

    today my boss ordered pizza, and the guy came and said he had a delivery for "a lifeguard named paul". nobody named paul works here. we still don't know why the guy was looking for paul.

    ooh, I like those kinds of stores. I have some awesome tops from marshall's. clothes are nice, but expensive.

    as for my pool job, this is my first summer! I feel like a moron because the past 2 years I was literally too lazy/too nervous to fill out an application. it's only open for the summer so technically as of next friday i'm jobless, which is why i'm gunning for this after school job (I do love working with kids despite my stories LOL). hopefully i'll work @ the pool next summer. I have to say, i'm so glad I worked here this summer and being around the guards has inspired me to eventually become one myself :) since most of our guards are college kids, I wouldn't feel out of place (I feel like a total loser sometimes for meeting 8 year olds that can swim better than I can). the pay is great apparently because the guards keep coming back after 5-6+ years. my main boss has been working here since she turned 14, and she's getting married this winter (and she met her fiance here and they worked together until this summer, which is kind of adorable)
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