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  1. Idris
    Note to self- Splatulated is the most controversial forumer here. His noise level is no less than when I left, more's the pity.
  2. Idris
    Um... not so funny. Just because it's too painful just yet.
    Because of the limitations on the Ignore function- even with the Advanced Ignore, the thread titles still show up, which in one person's case contains the entire thought process of the post...

    My comparison here is that it's been said that this is a public place. It ain't, but I'll proceed with that assumption. In a public place, you find graffiti; destructive and annoying. So you express disappointment in that graffiti. You're told it's a public place, get over it. Doesn't make sense, but ok... you leave that place. Eventually that entire part of town is blanketed with that graffiti, and you and anyone else who cares gets told that it's a protected form of public expression. So, you and everyone else like you either gets enraged, enters a mind altered state (drugs or insanity or religion) where you no longer care, or you quit going to that part of town.
    That happens in real life, more or less. It's often called Urban Blight.

    In these forums I saw the encroaching blight, resisted it, attempted to educate it, and eventually just left. Haven't been here in months. In the sake of absolute honesty, he-who-must-not-be-named is not the only person I've had problems with.
    So I left. I don't have delusions of grandeur- I'm certain that my absence caused nobody grief. However, there are people who have been integral parts of the community here for ages, who are being pushed away by one troublemaker. A troublemaker who is notoriously noisy, but who is amazingly silent when asked about WHY he does what he does. Never seen anything by him to explain his behavior. One of the mods insists that because a younger sibling is occasionally invoked as the originator of a query, that this grants an extra degree of sainthood to our troubled acquaintance. *shrug*
    Really, there are three options; mental disability, devious troll, or person who is addicted to attention. If it's the first one, then come out and own it. We'll make accommodations. I suggested ages ago a thread dedicated to just his questions... and that idea works regardless for his mental state.
    Devious troll- if that's the case, don't think he'll out himself too much. He's been doing this very carefully, if trolling.
    Attention seeker- if it's just that, then I suggest therapy and banning.

    ATTENTION MODS: Something you ought to look into, are the problems experienced by "intentional communities" when you have a freeloader aboard. Generally that term "i.c." is used for ecovillages etc- people literally moving into a community of like minded people. With the best of intentions, these groups often fall into the trap of saying that everyone is welcome to come. With that, parasites come and destroy the group. Financial, emotional, Attention- if the group gets someone who tries to take more than they give, it can destroy the group. And just like this community, the people who are the first ones to leave, are the ones you need the most. In ecovillages, the pragmatic, down to earth people realize that they can't take it anymore, and that it's not worth it to keep on. If the parasite stays, they leave. Making the parasite's demands all the more exacting on those who remain.

    Now you've started banning some of those who didn't leave already... who cared too much about the community to leave, and so tried to get rid of what they perceived as the problem. At some point you have to deal with the problem, not just of what people say to him when they overreact, but of the drain he is to the group. Are you ok with a possible future where the only signs of life here consist of people giving him attention? You've got an 800 pound gorilla in the room, and I see that no progress has been made on dealing with it.
    Give me a ban for flaming if you see fit, but there's not much point. Loss of human contact on these forums led to less motivation to play Mabinogi, and since it's now been two months since I logged on (couldn't even get excited about the 3x AP event returning- I was just "what's the point?"), I'm officially over my attachment to the game.
    If I remember to, I'll check up on these forums in a couple of months, just out of curiosity about how things worked out.
  3. Idris
    *massages forehead*
    Sometimes people are incredibly dense. And brittle. They would tenaciously cling to their misconceptions to the point where letting go of said misconceptions would cause their arms to shatter, rather than even admit the possibility that such misconceptions are anything less than absolute truth. Why? Are they so afraid of having to concede that it was false? Have they been constantly called out on every mistake, so they definitely will never admit to it because of the damage that would do to their shattered self esteem?

    As a person who is pretty good at admitting my mistakes (when I have made one), I really don't understand why someone would do otherwise. After all, we all make mistakes. "To err is human". But there's not anything shameful with having been wrong. There are, however, many many problems with refusing to acknowledge and learn from our mistakes. The titanic wouldn't have sunk if the captain had acknowledged his mistakes. Hubris is indeed a fatal flaw. Pity these petty protagonists won't seem to learn that.
  4. animeshadows
    Notice: the Identify the Item event will begin this Friday. Please be prepared to play! Good luck, and see you in a few days!
  5. Idris
    The recent change in rules means that moderators no longer stand divided between fighting and tacitly encouraging obscenities, their new positions are tacit vs active encouragement of the vilest of profanities.

    Therefore, for the few who might actually care, I regret to inform you that I have exiled myself from these forums. I cannot encourage such befouling and I will not tolerate the vulgarities that are bandied about by the uncouth.
    Maybe after the enthusiasm dies down (if indeed it does) and obscene terms no longer befoul the forums and thread titles, I'll return. Doubtless even then there will be those who cling to their "entertainment", but I hope to be able to blacklist, er, add them to my ignore list, and go on happily.
  6. Idris
    The preceding message is just one that I posted on mabinogi forums in a thread that had gotten sidetracked into accusing sabina of favoritism. Also, Ceara and aef.... had decided to bash Endymion's friend tytannia (but mostly just endymion).

    So I put that up... figured it fit. That, and I see more irrational, ill considered, hateful comments from Ceara on those forums than almost anyone else; not thought provoking, not even argument provoking so much- they're just hateful, and one of her favorite targets is Endymion, partially due to his refusal to just let things go. She provoked him enough that she could report (and spam report) one of his many posts, and he got temporarily banned. Eh... *sighs*
  7. Idris
    I'm going to have to agree with Crusader- these forums definitely have favoritism, tyranny, and hypocrisy going on. Pretty sure that Sabina isn't one of the offenders; I've seen her trying hard to not abuse her position of authority, but there are too many people who are completely corrupt. Lord Acton said it well, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

    This is actually really interesting to watch, as long as I keep my distance from the mess. (which is why I only occasionally browse the forums and even more rarely post a comment.) I've seen this kind of behavior on most every internet forum I've been on. There are usually at least a couple of fairminded admins, who bow to the pressure of the other admins though, so they're usually fair in mind only and not in deed. Sometimes you have the oddity of a fair (or even just Mostly fair) admin, such as we have here. Most of the admins however completely succumb to the lure of power, and use their power to punish anyone who makes them less than happy, or who dares to insult one of their many sycophants.

    It really ends up being a fascinating microcosm of human behavior, where the rules are created by the admins and where they tyrannize their forums as virtual dictators (a name especially appropriate since their domain consists entirely of words [for the benefit of the trolls, that's because the root meaning of dictator is one who says things]

    And Ceara, while I hold a general dislike of Endy because of his many overreactions, you are hardly one to be casting stones. I detest you because of the depths to which you repeatedly plunge; only legitimate and dedicated plumbers have any excuse to befoul themselves with as much filth as I've seen you. While endy's overreactions are understandable at root, your hatred is quite inexcusable, oh most vitriolic and vituperous one.
  8. abc33kr
    sure sounds good.
  9. Idris
    um... that was random. What prompted that?
  10. Idris
    Oh well.
    At least the forum shop helps me keep things organized, thanks to the edit button.
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