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  1. Arendel
    Sorry about not replying to your message before you logged. I was working on a design. Yes, I know a guild you can join: mine! Check my thread in the guild section.
  2. Arendel
    My last exam is tomorrow and I'm still trying to figure out what to do this summer, so it's quite possible.
  3. Arendel
    Oh. Well, I'm suddenly finding myself getting back into it now. I think homesteads are the main reason for that, surprisingly enough.
  4. Mama
    it's called First Look Inside, by Mark Holdaway.
    this one was played on an alto kalimba! they do sound similar, just the notes has more of an edge due to using fingertips.
  5. Arendel
    I might go back to Mabi if you're still playing, but I don't know if it will hold my interest for more than 10 minutes. I have a second human that I kinda feel like trying lances with.
  6. Arendel
    You can zoom out, but not to the same extent as Mabi. It might sound frustrating, but I never find myself needing a wider view except against trash in Fomorian Base. I always have my mouse sensitivity really high up and move my camera a lot, though, so that might be why.

    Dragon Nest looks promising, but they haven't even started beta testing yet and you had to sign up for a chance at an invite (and I probably won't even get in). I was really into S4 League for a while, but the community has become absolutely horrid even at higher levels and the company running it pretty much ignores non-cash users, so I have uninstalled it for good. Other than that, almost every game seems to be point-click-watch...
  7. Arendel
    That's weird. I've never had that problem (at least, as far as I noticed). Are your controls on mouse mode or keyboard?

    And I just got tired of it. Guildies were almost never on, people were being rude and childish, and I was getting sick of the fact that I could never catch up to anyone else and be able to party with them unless I dumped cash I didn't have into my character. Inventory space and making money were getting to be problems, too. Also not too thrilled about being an elf main and I was dissatisfied with how I was getting nowhere with my combat ability. =/

    I've been getting bored lately, though, so I decided to reinstall Mabi today. We'll see if I feel like signing on.
  8. Arendel
    Even in spite of the relative lack of things to do, at the very least, I'd give it a shot. (lol I had to give this sentence its own message because of the character limit)
  9. Arendel
    I was playing it like crazy for the past month, but for now, I'm only signing on once in a while since I have exams in the next week and I'm waiting for the next update (and news of Dragon Nest). It can't really be compared to Mabi since their concepts are so different. Vindi is a lot more action-oriented, but surprisingly enough, it's also more casual. Aside from fighting and gathering materials to craft the next set of equipment, there really isn't a whole lot to do.

    For what it's worth, though, it's one of the best free games I've played in a long time next to Mabi, and its combat is quite impressive - certainly a far cry from the standard "point-click-watch" formula that many MMOs are still using, which is why I got into Mabi to begin with. The mainstream story isn't as impressive so far, but they're likely to fix that later on once the "quest for paradise" season is over, and they're adding more to do outside of combat as time goes on.
  10. Arendel
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