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Terms of Use

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Your continued use of the website indicates your consent to the terms outlined in this document. If you do not agree to terms outlined in this document, you are to discontinue the use of this website immediately.

Changes to this Document

This page will be updated whenever there are changes to our privacy policy, rules, or terms of use. This page was last updated: 2013-10-21

Affiliation with Nexon is not in any way affiliated with Nexon. Additionally, Nexon employees are not authorized to use this website for any reason, including obtaining information about members of

Ownership of Content

All text published as "posts" or "threads" by members of becomes the property of Members maintain the rights to copy, read, quote, reference or modify (modification can only be performed by the member who originally posted the text) the content of posts and threads as long as they remain members of the website. Non-members (guests) may read the text.

Non-text content published by members, including but not limited to images and videos, are not hosted on servers, and maintains no rights or responsibilities in regards to such content. is not responsible for hyperlinks published by its members.

Ownership of Member Accounts

Accounts created upon registration by you (the members of are leased to you at no cost. retains ownership of all accounts. Members retain ownership of information contained within the account, such as email address, date of birth, and mabinogi character data, and may request this data be deleted from's servers. Requesting this information be removed voids your rights to continue using the account, and your access will be revoked in the process of the removal of this data.

Age of Members

To use you must be 16 years of age or older. is not reponsible for, and makes no attempts to verify the age of its users. does not comply with COPPA, anyone 13 years old or younger should not be using without parent or guardian consent.


Information collected from you

When you register an account on we collect the following information from you:
- Your email address
- Your birth date
- Various other information may be provided voluntarily to enhance your own experience on our website. This includes Mabinogi-specific information, and details such as time zone.

When you browse the site, with or without registration, the following information is collected from you:
- Your IP address & browser version

What we use this information for

The information collected by is used to allow account registration, prevent abuse of our systems, and to enhance your experience on our website.

Information collected by our 3rd party advertisers and website tracking software is used to properly deliver relevant advertising and to accurately track website usage data.

Cookies & Tracking

We use cookies created and managed by for managing your login session and certain website feature settings that remain persistent during your visits to the website.

Our advertisers also provide 3rd party cookies and tracking data in order to publish relevant advertising on our pages. We also use Google Analytics to monitor website activity.

Disclosure of information

We do not trade, sell or otherwise distribute any of the information used to register your account to 3rd parties.
This information remains private, and is only accesible by website staff as required to do their jobs. Birth date information is private by default, however you may manually configure it to be public, if you do so we are no longer responsible for this information.

Our 3rd party advertisers do not have access to the information you enter during registration. They do however create and collect their own data using their advertising publishing platforms, this includes but is not limited to cookies as mentioned above.


Your email address is used to verify your account in order to help prevent abuse of our systems. Various notifications will also be sent to you based on settings which can be configured in your account settings. We do not run any mailing lists, or any emailing systems other than those notifications that you can enable or disable as required for your account.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

We do not comply with COPPA. Our terms of use indicate a required age of 16 or older to register on this website.


Forum Rules

Rules updated: May 10th, 2012

Please review the following information carefully. The Forum Rules identify standards of conduct; to include the treatment of your fellow members, marketplace rules, and the procedures which you are required to follow when contacting the staff team. Failure to comply with established standards may result in anything from a warning to a permanent ban, at the sole discretion of site leadership.

Note: The Forum Rules are subject to change at any time and without notice. Members are expected to continuously review the Forum Rules; Ignorance of the Forum Rules will not excuse misconduct.


The official required age to join the site is 16 years old. The possession of an active account on the website indicates your acknowledgement that site content may be targeted towards this age demographic.

You are responsible for your account. Obtaining access to any account which does not belong to you is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban of all affiliated accounts. The legitimate owner of a hijacked account will be held responsible for offenses committed by the fraudulent party. Therefore we recommend that users restrict access to account information, use a secure password, and a valid e-mail.

If you are given a temporary ban, do not post publicly under an alternate account. This is ban dodging and will result in a permanent ban for all your accounts. You may only use an alternate account to send private messages during your ban period.

Treatment of Other Members

Do not spam*, flame*, or troll* any member of the site, be it in public threads, profile messages or private messages. Presenting such behavior only leads to further problems and does not solve anything. If you are being antagonized by anyone do not hesitate to report the post even when in doubt.

Do not harass, bully or otherwise intimidate other members, be it in public threads, profile messages or private messages. Anything perceived as even remotely harassing or insulting another member will result in infractions or bans.

Note: A lack of the finer social graces or simply ignorance is no excuse for posting blatantly offensive and/or intolerant messages or bluntly in a manner that could be considered in poor taste (at the staff's discretion).

Post Content

Do not partake in "backseat moderating". Use the report button ( ) for any and all posts, profile messages or private messages you come across that break the rules or are otherwise causing problems.

Note: Even when in doubt, or simply because you want to bring the attention of a single post and/or thread to the staff, reporting helps immensely and is highly encouraged. Backseat moderation in most cases does not help, and instead can lead to further arguments and problematic behavior.

Do not publicly post download links, or links to web pages that allow the downloading (direct or torrent/p2p) of copyrighted content of any kind.

Note: Torrents and direct download links to legal content is encouraged. Copyrighted content can not "officially" be directly downloaded (such as streaming videos like YouTube, or images embedded on a 3rd party web page) may be linked to. Examples include anime streaming and "manga readers".

Dicussion of "mods", hacks, cheats, or other exploits for games is permitted, however, you may not request or post additional information concerning exploits (to include their names, creation, and usage) nor may you link to websites which provide this information or access to this content. This will only be allowed if the content owners have expressed their consent and permission for such activity to be allowed.

Do not blatantly advertise other communities. Linking to content on them is fine (and encouraged if it is helpful) but do not embark on a crusade to have people join your website or write your name in the referral. If you are the owner of a non-competing community contact Osayidan to discuss affiliation.

Do not post any sort of referral links, even if the website is considered safe or legitimate.

Exceptions: Web-based games such as the egg hatching or Pokémon raising games may be linked.

Do not post pornographic or otherwise extremely violent or offensive content that would normally require an age of 18+ to view. This can be a very ambiguous topic, staff will have the final say in cases where it is not clear, and the subject is not up for debate.

Do not post content that can be considered child pornography or otherwise sexualization of minors, even if it is of yourself. Doing so will not only get you permanently banned on the spot, but reported to law enforcement and/or other organizations in your country of origin that handle such situations.

Do not negatively mention the names of players in Nexon games, this includes the discussion of hackers or other such activity. This applies to defamation of guilds as well.

Note: This is to prevent possible "flame wars" starting in defense of players or guilds.

Do not use excessive profanities on the forum. The censors have been removed and you are now trusted to use your vocabulary responsibly. Using derogatory terms to offend other members will be dealt with at the staff's discretion.

The "Bean Rua" forum is the official off-topic section of the website. Here you may post threads that don't belong anywhere else, and make replies/threads that would normally be considered to pointless to be permitted anywhere else. All the forum rules still apply in this section.

Do not spoil* content for others. We have spoiler tags for a reason, please utilize them, or at least give a warning of some sort. It's just common courtesy. This is a minor offense that will likely only result in a warning, but repeat offenders will be treated more harshly.

Double Posting and Bumping Old Threads

Do not double post. Double posting is replying to a thread in which you currently have the latest reply, and it is less than 24 hours, but no more than 30 days since the previous time of posting.

Exceptions: Accidental double posting due to a system error; this rule does not apply within Bean Rua, unless it is deemed disruptive. For example, making several posts or threads in a short amount of time.

Do not post in topics (effectively bumping it up to the top of the list) where the last reply is more than 30 days old. This is known as "necro posting". You are more than welcome to create a new topic if your search results only turn up old threads. Some exceptions apply, such as guides and the foreign mabinogi section. If you feel like bumping an old thread instead of making one would be beneficial then ask a staff member through PMs.


Signatures have a maximum height of 300px. Images shouldn't be more than 300px tall, nor should they exceed a file size of 1.5MB. If an image does exceed 300px in height, then you will be asked to either remove it or hide it in a spoiler tag. Repeated offenses will result in punishment.
Please also see this thread where you can find information on how to resize or check your signatures dimensions.

Forum Staff

The staff's sole purpose is to make your stay on the forums as pleasant as possible, meaning that every decision we make is with the best intentions in mind. If you do not agree with a certain action that a staff member has performed, do not hesitate to discuss it further through private messages, however, remember to be polite and present your troubles in a clear manner. You may also choose to discuss it with another moderator or an administrator, whichever you feel would be the most comfortable approach. You must comply with moderator suggestions until the moderation in question has been repealed.

Note: The staff also has the final say on rules or problems where ambiguity can be present or where the rules are not well defined.


Spam - Spam is any off-topic or otherwise useless message. For example, quoting someone and saying “this ^” to express your agreement is considered spam and can result in a warning or infraction. Going off topic or being childish will also qualify as spam, and depending on the situation may also qualify as harassing/trolling or any other number of broken rules, for example using provocative memes or anything that can be seen as such. Refer to the spam policies thread for more details.

Troll/Trolling - Trolling is the act of posting a message with the intention of causing problems, such as enticing negative reactions from other members (to include intimidation or provocation). It is up to the staff’s discretion to decide if a message is trolling or not.

Flame/Flaming - Flaming is defined as insulting, harassing, or poorly treating another user. Otherwise known as being a dick.

Spoiler - Spoilers* consist of information that reveals any plot element which will give away the outcome of a dramatic event or the conclusion of an entire work. Because enjoyment of fiction sometimes depends upon dramatic tension and the suspense which arises from it, the external revelation of such plot elements can "spoil" the enjoyment that some other viewers of the narrative may have otherwise experienced.

Note: Please be aware that the definitions presented here are the most common way to describe these words. The staff will have the final say in the matter.

Marketplace and Bazaar Rules

Provide all relevant info about the transaction you wish to make.

Relevant information would include all items (and amount of items), stats, color of items if color is relevant (picture if possible), prices, how to contact you, etc. Be as clear as you possibly can be able what you're buying or selling. This makes it easier for potential buyers/sellers wishing to go through a transaction with you.

Unless accepting offers, all prices for buying and selling should be clearly marked. If accepting offers, indicate the limits of the offers to avoid offers you think are too low or too high.
When running an auction, be sure to provide all information such as starting bid,
instant win price (if there is one), minimum bid increase (if you want to avoid those +1 gold bids), and ending time.

No transactions involving NX or anything else against Nexon's ToS. If you really feel the need to do this, do it privately, not on MabiNation. Risky trades such as cross-server trades are discouraged, and MabiNation will not be held liable for them.

Only posts directly related to the transaction are permitted as replies. Comments and opinions are not to be posted in the topic. You may send a civil private message to the topic starter if you disagree with something. Relevant questions are permitted, usually to get info that is missing, which should have been provided as in rule #1.

Thread starters should monitor their threads and use the report button for any posts breaking the rules. Do not get yourself involved in arguments for replies that break these rules, let moderators take care of it.

Post in YOUR server only. Unless the person is asking for an appraisal for other servers to get an idea for the price in their server, there's no reason for you to be there. This only goes for the Appraisal section. If you're in a different server than the buyer/seller/trader, then they obviously have no business with you.

You may only bump your topic ONCE A DAY. This is 24 hours from the last bump.

Market/Bazaar Posting Format
Please use this format, or one close to it, when posting a Buy/Sell/Trade&Appraisal thread.

Name of Item:
Price of Item / What you want for the Item / What you're paying for the item:
Character to mail/trade the item to:
Server you're on:
Durability of item / Time left on item:
Upgraded [Y/N]:
Color or Picture of item:

Q - What should I do in case I see a problematic post?
A - First and foremost, do not reply to the offending post as it will inevitably cause further problems, ignoring someone is like letting them talk to themselves and they are just wasting their time.

Instead use the forum's report system, where members can send a quick message to every staff member, by clicking on the report button ( ) found at the bottom left of the post, below the avatar.

Once a post is reported a thread is automatically created in the staff section where all staff members will be able to see the post, and the thread it is contained in and a link to it. Staff members will also be able to discuss the report in that thread.

Q - What if I'm not sure the post is actually breaking the rules?
A - Do not over-think it, report it and let the staff handle it accordingly.

Q - I reported something but I don't see anything being done about it.
A - There could be several reasons for this:
- The post is not actually in violation of our rules.
- The staff is still deciding what to do about it.
- The post may have not been deleted but the issue has been dealt with privately.

Q - I'm not sure where to post a thread.
A- If the rules or the sub-forum descriptions are of no help, do not hesitate to ask a staff member, they will be able to assist you.

Q - I'm not sure if what I'm about to post is allowed (image/link/content)
A - Chances are, if you are in doubt, it probably isn't. Contact a moderator when in doubt.

Q - What is allowed in Bean Rua, exactly?
A - Anything that doesn't fit anywhere else and isn't against the rules. This can be anything like "pointless" or "silly" threads, joke posts, forum games, etc. Do not abuse it, nothing that can be deemed offensive or disruptive.

Q - What happens to someone that breaks the rules?
A - The consequences depend on the severity of the violation. Repeat offenders will also be treated more harshly. Moderation actions could vary between a warning, an infraction, or bans of different length.

Note: See this thread for further information on the infraction system.

Q - What is the difference between a warning and an infraction?
A - A warning simply serves as a reminder of our rules, it does not add points to your account.
An infraction is given when a warning about the same (or similar) offense has already been issued to the member, or if the offense is too severe to let it pass.

Q - I have a question not answered here.
A - Feel free to PM any of the staff members with your inquiry